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UCL: Man City vs OM

Man City vs Marseille

Man City certainly has a ticket to go to the top of the table, but even so, Marseille is hard to think of a good result in England. When the former king of England's honor does not allow them to lose the match, even in front of teachers and coach Pep Guardiola will be a very dense competition.

Man City team - Champions League

Welcoming Fulham at home in the 11th round of the Premier League, Man City gently left the field with a 2-0 victory. It is a necessary return, because Man City is somewhat out of breath in the domestic playground. It is important that teachers and coaches Pep Guardiola keep the strongest force looking forward to the upcoming matches. On the Premier League chart at this time, Man City has climbed to 7th place in the standings with 18 points and only 3 points behind the top 4 but still has 1 match in hand. At the Champions League playground, Man City had an early ticket, so the goal of Pep Guardiola and his students was over. After 5 matches, the home team leads the leaderboard with 13 points. In which, Man City's attack has scored 10 goals and the defense has only conceded once. This match, playing at home will be a great advantage for Man City.

Marseille - Champions League

Is expected to be quite large before the Champions League group stage this season starts. However, Marseille made everyone bored with their performance. Whether in this group, the French port city team is expected to be able to compete with FC Porto or Olympiacos. Currently, after going through 5 matches, Marseille only gives me 3 points. The results made teachers and coaches Andre Villas Boas stand at the bottom of the table. However, there are still goals for Marseille to strive in the upcoming trip. Remember that the away team is only behind Olympiacos 3rd place in sub-stats. Therefore, Marseille needs points to hope to win a ticket to play in the Europa League. In fact, Marseille's performance is not bad when it won the last 4/5 appearances. In the domestic arena, Marseille even owns a series of 5 wins in Ligue 1.