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UCL: Porto vs City

FC Porto vs Manchester City

Although there was an early ticket to continue, but that was not the reason why Man City gave up in the upcoming match. Especially when teachers and coach Pep Guardiola still have the goal of defending the top spot in order to gain advantage in the knockout round.

FC Porto - Champions League

Although not from the top 5 football backgrounds in the continent. However, FC Porto has proven its strength and experience in the European playground. Currently, FC Porto is temporarily ranked second in the rankings when it is 3 points from the top position of Man City. With 2 rounds remaining to try, the chance for FC Porto to surpass Man City is still very bright. The problem is they have to beat the representative from the Premier League in this match, a task that is not easy. The form of FC Porto at this time is very impressive, even they have won all 5 last appearances. The problem with representatives from Portugal is that they play pretty badly on the domestic playground. Accordingly, after 8 rounds, FC Porto brought 16 points and only ranked 4th in the standings. Being 6 points behind Sporting's first place, the road ahead is clearly not smooth for FC Porto.

Man City team - Champions League

Burnley buryed up to 5 goals without deflecting in the last round of the Premier League. Thus, Man City has made a very strong comeback after a very difficult time before. Currently, teachers and coaches Pep Guardiola is ranked 11th in the rankings with 15 points after 9 rounds. The difference to the top 4 is only 3 points and the chance for Man City to rise is very bright. Contrary to the poor situation in the domestic playground, in the Champions League, the visitors are showing a very destructive face. After 4 rounds, they won to bring 12 complete points to the top of Group C. Even Man City's attackers opened fire 10 times and the defense only conceded once. During the last 10 appearances in all competitions, Man City lost only 1 match. History has seen Man City win all three encounters with FC Porto in the past.