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PSG vs Basaksehir

At the end of the first leg of the Group H-Champions League group this season, PSG is the name facing the most difficulties in the group of 3 candidates going forward. However, 6 points in 2 recent important victories are helping teachers and coaches Thomas Tuchel extremely confident to move forward. Obviously, just having to welcome a weak opponent and all targets like Basaksehir will be a better chance for PSG to aim for the 3-point goal.

PSG team - Champions League

The Champions League runner-up last season ended the first leg with defeat against Man Utd and RB Leipzig. It seems that PSG will not be able to overcome that difficulty to continue to the next round. However, paying both grudges to bring back 6 precious points has recently changed the face of the group. Currently, all 3 teams, Man Utd, RB Leipzig and PSG, have 9 points. Thus, teachers and coaches Thomas Tuchel only need 1 point before Basaksehir will officially have tickets to continue. A scenario too favorable for the French champion. Remember PSG has been in impressive form lately. In the Ligue 1 playground, the home team is leading the rankings with 28 points after 13 rounds. The last time they played, they beat their high-form opponent, Montpellier (3-1). Thus, the last 4 appearances they were completely unbeaten with 3 wins and 1 draw results.

Basaksehir team - Champions League

Being in the group is so difficult that Basaksehir was eliminated early in the Champions League playground this season is not a surprise. In fact, Basaksehir has the right to be proud of the victory of defeating Man Utd to bring back 3 points. In general, the performance of teachers and coaches Okan Buruk in this year's football season is not very impressive. At the domestic playground, after 11 rounds, they only brought 15 points and took 9th place in the standings. In the last 6 consecutive appearances in all competitions, Basaksehir did not win. In that series, teachers and coaches Okan Buruk drew 2 and lost to 4. On away field, in recent 3 consecutive matches away from home, Basaksehir only knew to draw and lose. In the first leg, Basaksehir also easily lost to PSG 0-2. Therefore, in the context of the current motivation to play, it is difficult to expect Basaksehir to make a surprise.