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UCL: RBL vs Man Utd

RB Leipzig vs Man United

To lose PSG at home in the previous round, Man Utd is pushing themselves into a difficult position, even though in theory they only need 1 point to continue. But remember, the Red Bull Arena mecca is always an easy place to go for any team. So wait and see, how the "Red Devil" will be shown against an opponent who is eager to see it but is somewhat inexperienced.

RB Leipzig - Champions League

Located in the difficult group, but RB Leipzig showed everyone that the Champions League semi-final victory last season was not a blessing. Through 5 rounds in Group H, RB Leipzig is ranked 3rd with 9 points equal to the score of Man Utd and PSG. However, RB Leipzig lost a bit when it was worse in sub-index. That means "Herd of cows" need 3 points in this match to decide their own fate. It is a difficult task when they have lost 0-5 to Man Utd in England. However, this meeting, teachers and coaches Julian Nagelsmann will have the fulcrum of the Red Bull Arena. It is important to know that all 7 home matches this season in all competitions, RB Leipzig will win. In the Bundesliga, RB Leipzig is also playing well when it comes to 3rd place in the standings with 21 points after 10 rounds and only 2 points behind the top team. At his last appearance,

Man Utd team - Champions League

It seems that the task of passing the group stage will not be difficult for Man Utd when they only need 1 point in the last 2 matches to continue. But the 1-3 defeat to PSG at Old Trafford made it difficult for "Red Devils". At this time, Man Utd marched to Germany with the same mission to leave with at least 1 point. It is not an easy challenge when coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is famous for his unstable gameplay. In terms of form, Man Utd is playing well when he wins 4/5 of his last appearances. At the Premier League playground, "Red Devil" has won all four recent rounds to climb to 5th place on the standings with 19 points after 10 appearances. Only 2 points behind the top 4 but not yet a match, the chance for Man Utd to improve their achievements is very clear. "Red Devils" also have confidence before their upcoming trip, when they have won 8/9 matches away from home recently.