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UCL: RBS vs Atleti

RB Salzburg vs Atletico Madrid

RB Salzburg is still in possession of self-determination, just beating Atletico Madrid in the upcoming match they can occupy second place on the rankings.

RB Salzburg - UEFA Champions League 

The 3-1 win over Lokomotiv Moscow in the last round helped RB Salzburg continue to keep their hopes up when they reached 3rd place in the rankings and narrowed the gap with 2nd place to only 2 points . This result also helps the Austrian football representative hope their final turn for the ticket to continue if there is a positive result.

There are such ambitions, but after all, RB Salzburg's ability and capacity in the current Champions League playground is not appreciated. Not to mention the performance of the Austrian football champions in recent times is not really good when they recently lost to Trenkwalder Admira in the domestic tournament. Moreover, in terms of expertise and strength, RB Salzburg is also somewhat inferior to its opponent. Therefore, although it is possible to hope and set its ambition, RB Salzburg's ability to create surprises is very difficult.

Atletico Madrid - UEFA Champions League 

Meanwhile, the form of Atletico Madrid in the Champions League this season is not really good as they have only got 6 points in 5 rounds and still cannot be sure of their progress goal. However, the duties of teachers and coaches Simeone are somewhat lighter than RB Leipzig when they only need a draw to be sure to continue.

The form in the Champions League this season is not really good, but with Atletico Madrid they still show their stability in La Liga as they are leading the rankings up to now and maintain an unbeaten record over 10 round. In addition, despite having failed in the Champions League this season, but the performance in the last 10 matches in all competitions, La Liga representatives are still playing impressively with 7 wins and 3 draws. On the other hand, his Champions League experience with Atletico Madrid has been plenty for his important battles as well. Therefore, the upcoming trip to Austria, Atletico Madrid is fully capable of leaving with 3 complete points.