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UCL: United vs PSG

Man Utd vs PSG

The focus of the 5th round of Group H- Champions League this season will be the great battle between Man Utd and PSG. Right now, "Red Devils" are at the top of the table, but one failure will make them lose everything. On the contrary, PSG is forced to win if he does not want to say goodbye to the most prestigious playground in Europe at the club level. In this difficult situation, whether the bravery of the big man will manifest at the right time.

Man Utd team - Champions League

Department of table H-Champions League this season is going on the right nature of the group from god. At this time, all four names still hope to continue, in which Man Utd, PSG and RB Leipzig will compete extremely fiercely for the two leading tickets. Currently, Man Utd is the most dominant name with 9 points in hand and 3 points more than the two teams behind. Thus, only 1 point in the last two matches, Man Utd will have a ticket to continue. At first glance it seems that the mission is not too difficult for "Red Devils", but they need to complete that goal in this match. Because the last match they will have to march to Germany to meet RB Leipzig, a trip clearly contained too many dangers. Currently, Man Utd has a series of 4 consecutive wins in all competitions. Most recently, they had an emotional comeback to defeat Southampton (3-2). The results helped them come back very strongly in the Premier League championship race. It is also a great boost for Man Utd to look forward to welcoming PSG this time.

PSG - Champions League

As the current runner-up of the Champions League, teachers and coaches Thomas Tuchel have high expectations before the tournament starts. However, being in the difficult group is partly causing PSG to miss. After 4 matches, representatives from Ligue 1 had 2 wins and 2 defeats, scored 5 goals and conceded 4 goals. The results help PSG get 2nd place in the standings and it is not certain to get a ticket to continue if they play badly in the last 2 matches. Before this match, PSG is missing many pillars due to injury. In which the Kehrer, Draxler, Marquinhos, Bernat were injured and could not play. In terms of form, PSG is somewhat short of breath when losing the last 2/5 matches. Even PSG lost the last 2 away matches in all competitions. Not to mention PSG also lost the last 3/5 matches in the Champions League arena, a big obstacle in the upcoming trip.