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UEL: LASK vs Spurs

LASK vs Tottenham 

A victory over LASK will officially help Tottenham continue in the Europa League playground this season. That is a very strong motivation for "Rooster" to aim to achieve the goal early and avoid "long dreamy night". Especially when teachers and coaches Jose Mourinho still have too many concerns to resolve in the domestic playground.

LASK team - Europa League

Welcoming Antwerp at home, LASK is expected to retain 3 points to continue towards the race to win tickets. However, the failure of 0-2 "admiration" right on the home made LASK give himself and it was difficult. Currently, teachers and coaches Dominik Thalhammer have 6 points for themselves through 4 matches. They are only 3 points behind two teams and of course the opportunity to continue is still very open. Of course, to do that, LASK needs to beat Tottenham in the next match. A task is not easy when they have lost 0-3 "Rooster" in the first leg. LASK's current performance is quite good, in that they only lost 1 and won 3 in the last 5 appearances. On the domestic playground, LASK is playing well with 20 points after 9 rounds. They are at 2nd place on the chart and only 2 points behind the top. In the most recent appearance, LASK buried Altach (3-0) at home.

Tottenham - Europa League

The fact that Tottenham can not win tickets after spending four matches in Group J- Europa League this season is a big surprise. Because clearly the power of "Rooster" is completely superior to the other 3 names. In fact, it was the mistake of losing to Antwerp (0-1) in the third match that hurt Tottenham. At this time, coaches and coaches Jose Mourinho holds 9 points and ranks second in the group. They were equal to Antwerp and were behind because they were inferior in their head-to-head record. Thus, Tottenham need to win the remaining 2 matches to continue with the top of the table. It is a task within reach for Tottenham, so remember that the performance of coaches and coaches Jose Mourinho at this stage is very impressive. During the last 6 appearances they were unbeaten when they drew 1 and won to 5. In the Premier League playground, Tottenham is impressive to stand at the top of the table with 21 points. With a very high performance.