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UEL: LOSC vs Celtic

Celtic vs Lille

A match is only of procedural significance for Celtic when this team has definitely been eliminated. However, with Lille, the fighting dynamics of the representative from Ligue 1 are still intact. When in front of the eyes of teachers and coaches Christophe Galtier, he needs to protect the head that he has built a lot.

Celtic - Europa League

Located in a difficult group including the presence of AC Milan and Lille, so Celtic had to stop early in the Europa League group stage as a prediction. However, it is undeniable that the representative from Scotland played under him. Through 5 series of matches, Celtic only had 1 point and will definitely be the last when the group stage of the Europa League this season ends. A truly disappointing result, when Celtic are no stranger to the European playground. In this final match, Celtic will welcome Lille at home with the goal of seeking honorable victory. However, it is difficult for the Celtic Park home team to do that. Remember that the last 5 matches in all competitions, Celtic do not know the taste of victory. In the Scottish league, although they are 2nd in the league, they are 14 points behind the top team Rangers.

Lille - Europa League

As a team rich in power in Ligue 1, so it is not too surprising that Lille is having impressive performances in the Europa League this season. Currently Lille is at the top of the standings, they get 11 points after 5 matches. Even Lille was completely unbeaten when he won 3 and drew 2. Thus, the representative from Ligue 1 along with AC Milan has certainly entered the next round. Saying that does not mean coach Christophe Galtier's teachers and students will give up this match. It is important to know that Lille is only 1 point ahead of AC Milan and needs to win this match to defend the top spot. It is a task within the reach of the visitors, when the last 10 appearances they only receive exactly 1 defeat. In the domestic arena, Lille is also playing well with 26 points and 2nd on the standings with 2 points less than PSG.