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UEL: Naples vs Sociedad

Napoli vs Real Sociedad

Group F- Europa League this season saw drama until the last minute, when the three names Napoli, Real Sociedad and AZ Alkmaar still had the opportunity to continue. Touching each other directly in this game, both Napoli and Real Sociedad are not allowed to lose if they do not want to say goodbye to the tournament. Whether the name will be brave enough to win the ticket to go on.

Napoli - Europa League

Napoli has just crushed the Serie A army, Crotone, to 4 goals, not immediately removed on away field. A perfect run to prepare for the tough welcome to come. In the Serie A playground, Napoli is gradually playing better with the third place in the standings. Coach Gennaro Gattuso and his teachers gave themselves 20 points after 10 rounds and 6 points behind the top team. In the Europa League playground, Napoli somewhat proved the bravery of a big team. After 5 matches Napoli won 3 matches, drew 1 match and lost only 1 match. In which, Coach Gennaro Gattuso and his students were unbeaten in 4 recent consecutive matches. The results helped them topped the charts and only needed a draw against Real Sociedad to officially have tickets to continue. It is important to know that Napoli has won 2 times to welcome guests in the Europa League playground this season. Not to mention, the last 4 appearances they are unbeaten when they draw 2 and win 3.

Real Sociedad - Europa League

Real Sociedad's visitors are having a sublimation season beyond the imagination of the fans. In La Liga, they overcame a series of elders to hold 2nd place in the standings. After 12 rounds, they won 7, drew 4 and lost 1. The results helped teachers and coaches Imanol Alguacil get 25 points and only 1 point behind Atletico Madrid's first place. In the Europa League, Real Sociedad is standing at 2nd place in the standings. They bring back 8 points after winning 2 draws 2 and losing 1 through 5 matches. With only equal points, the team behind is AZ Alkmaar, but is above it thanks to the extra index. Of course Real Sociedad needs these 3 match points to ensure that there are tickets to continue. When the possibility that AZ Alkmaar beat the bottom team Rijeka in the other pair of matches is very high. However, what fulcrum for Real Sociedad to have 3 points in this match, when their performance is declining with the last 4 consecutive draws.