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UEL: Sparta vs Milan

Sparta Praha vs AC Milan.


The closing match of Group H Europa League this season is no longer valid for Sparta Praha because they were officially eliminated, but it still makes sense for AC Milan because the Serie A representative still has the opportunity to take the first place but the right to decide.  not in their hands.

Specifically, after 5/6 matches, AC Milan has 10 points and is 1 point behind the leading team Lille.  Even with a point after the last match, the Rossoneri still have to stand behind due to the loss of the direct confrontation index.  So if they want to rise to the top, they must defeat Sparta Praha and expect in the remaining match, Lille stumbles on Celtic's field.

The first stage, even if you have to be a guest, victory is a goal that is not too difficult to achieve for the Milan team.  In addition to the motivational factor mentioned above, AC Milan is better than the home team in all aspects.

This season, under the talented guidance of Stefano Pioli, AC Milan is making a strong comeback and gradually evokes the image of its heyday.  Not only has officially won tickets to the round of 1/16 Europa League, but AC Milan is also stagnant at the top of Serie A, 6 points more than the "dominant ten years" Juventus.

The Rossoneri at this time have a youthful but talented and equal team on all lines.  All are very enthusiastic and eager to show themselves on the pitch.  The absence of No. 1 star Ibrahimovic thought it would have a negative impact on the team, but in the end, coach Pioli still helps the Rossoneri maintain stability.

AC Milan has a 3-win streak recently.  Moreover, AC Milan seems to be playing better away from the San Siro.  That is why they are invincible to the last 17 flights away from home.  Therefore, even with the reserve team, the winning door of the Serie A representative tonight is still very bright.