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UEL: Spurs vs Royal

Tottenham vs Antwerp

Less than 2 points Antwerp, but in fact Tottenham has an advantage before the "final" match of Group J due to being kicked at home. Defeating this opponent, Spurs will enter the knockout round as the best team in the group. And the "rooster" knows what to do to crow after tonight.

Tottenham returned to the Europa League after suffering the wrath of coach Jose Mourinho for allowing LASK to steal the victory in the last minute of the match, in the last 4/12 match. The special person frankly scolded the students in front of the media. He said that many Spurs players played with a superficial, subjective mentality that led to Joe Hart's net being penetrated three times by the opponent, losing more than 400 minutes of clean sheets in all competitions.

However, to be fair, even if Tottenham won LASK that day, they still have to win the match against Antwerp today to win the top of Group J! Looking at the record of winning 4/5 games and conceding only 3 goals in the Europa League this season, it is clear that Antwerp cannot be underestimated.

That is why, despite Tottenham in a stormy December (the next 6 days to meet both Crystal Palace and Liverpool in the Premier League ), coach Jose Mourinho will definitely use the best players in the Europa League. to win.

And fortunately, NHM Spurs has a lot of faith to rely on. Jose Mourinho knows how to win the Europa League match, especially when playing at home. In the last 16 home matches in the Europa League, Mourinho's teams won 14 matches. 

Resonating with Mourinho's home field is also the predestination of Tottenham. Spurs played a total of 17 home matches in the Europa League group stages and their achievement so far is to win 14, draw 2 and only lose 1. That rare defeat actually sank into the past. when it arrived 9 years ago (lost to PAOK November 2011). 

Historical factors also add to confidence for Spurs. According to UEFA, Tottenham has never lost to any Belgian club at home. Even more interesting to realize, the last European Cup championship that Tottenham ever won came after a victory over a Belgian representative (beating Anderlecht in the 1983/84 UEFA Cup final). 

In contrast, Antwerp did not have an affinity with English clubs. Last time Antwerp met an English team they lost very strongly in both matches. It was the clash of Newcastle 19 years ago, losing 0-5 at home and 2-5 at away. In addition, history also presents a challenge for Antwerp when, for the past nine years, no Belgian club has won three consecutive away matches in the European Cup (Anderlecht was the last club to do so in 2011). .

With the advantages of having the same team in stable form, including many players who have scored to get rid of the pressure (like Gareth Bale or Dele Alli), Tottenham is believed to win the match. this to close the group stage match as the top team.