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Bundesliga: Augsburg vs Bayern Munich

Augsburg vs Bayern Munich 

The press has recently repeatedly used the fact that Bayern lost consecutively to M'gladbach and Holstein Kiel as a topic of ridicule. However, Bayern always know how to reassure public opinion with eye-catching matches, and it is unlucky for Augsburg to meet Gray Lobster at this time.

After being suddenly cut off by M'gladbach's 20 unbeaten streak on January 9, Bayern continued to be "stigmatized" in the newspaper when he lost a puzzling defeat against third-class club Holstein Kiel in the German Cup. . Just waiting for that, a large number of anti-fans of Bayern simultaneously attacked Hansi Flick teachers and students on social networks with sarcastic words or manufactured photos.

Although Bayern won again at the end of last week, the hard victory over Freiburg could not stop the anti-fan attack. Gray lobster needs a bigger roar to gain prestige. Today is the right time.

Augsburg is a relatively favored opponent of both Bayern and personally Robert Lewandowski. With Gray Lobster, 11 consecutive matches in all competitions, they did not lose to Augsburg. As for Lewandowski, Augsburg is the club that helps him to have 18 pocket goals despite meeting only 17 times. 

Currently, Lewandowski is in a terrifying form, having scored 21 goals in 16 games this season. The number of goals Lewandowski scored for Bayern in the Bundesliga this season is even more than the total goals of the Augsburg team (17 goals). A simple comparison shows how much sublime Lewandowski is under the guidance of coach Hansi Flick. 

While Bayern has all the factors to think about a bold victory at WWK Arena, Augsburg has too few fulcrum to avoid the wrath of the Gray Lobster. It has been nearly 3 months that Augsburg cannot win any home matches in all competitions (last home victory on October 31, 2020). 

One of the problems preventing Augsburg from winning is the lack of tactical inconsistency. A simple example is how Augsburg prepares to welcome Bayern tonight. Head coach Heiko Herrlich wants to bring Reece Oxford into Augsburg's defense system to take advantage of this player's extremely good ability to swing the ball. According to statistics, on average, each Bundesliga game this season Oxford has ... 13 successful ball shots. 

The problem is that if Oxford plays, Augsburg is forced to play a 3-defender, while Heiko Herrlich thinks that only a 4-2-3-1 formation can overcome Bayern. This is the team that has helped Augsburg not lose to Bayern in 2 of 4 recent matches. But if he kicks 4 defenders, then Oxford has no position. Coming to the match time, but still cannot agree on the strategy of asking how Augsburg will stop Bayern?