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Coppa Italia: AC Milan vs Torino

AC Milan vs Torino

AC Milan vs Torino

When Torino is showing a disappointed face and having many difficulties in Serie A, it is difficult to expect a good result for them in the fight with AC Mian in the next round of the 5th National Cup.

AC Milan

AC Milan is still temporarily leading the rankings in Serie A. They are gradually asserting their real strength in this season.  Not only did well in Serie A, but the red half of Milan also showed his ability when he reached the Knock-out round in the Europa League.  Obviously, they are playing in the right direction under coach Stefano Pioli.

After a somewhat less fortunate defeat to Juventus, AC Milan found the joy of victory by defeating Torino in the 17th round.  Broadly speaking, they only have to receive only 1 defeat in the last 14 matches in all competitions, including 9 wins.  Currently the squad owns quality players, young talents alternating with "old men" to create a team rich in fighting.  Because of the depth of the squad, the red half of Milan can completely conquer all the arenas they attend.


On this side, the pitch was quite high before the start of the tournament, but Torino did not show much in Serie A this season as he struggled to relegate with only 12 points won after 17 rounds  match, only 3 points higher than the bottom team.  They just had to lose to AC Milan in the last 17th round.  This makes the spirit of the players clearly lacking confidence in the rematch in the next National Cup.

As can be seen, the achievements of Andrea Belotti and his teammates are very weak when only winning 1 match in the last 9 matches.  Both the attackers and the players played ineffectively and proved quite weak in fighting spirit.  Although possessing a fairly uniform lineup, but there is no connection in the gameplay, it is very easy to be broken by the opponent.  Perhaps the teacher and coach Marco Giampaolo will focus on the relegation battle rather than the unimportant playground of the National Cup.  Therefore, it is difficult to trust them in the upcoming battle with AC Milan.