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CoppaItalia: Inter Milan vs AC Milan

Inter Milan vs AC Milan

A showdown between two rivals from the same city in the quarterfinals of the Italian National Cup. In recent years, Inter Milan completely overwhelmed AC Milan each time the two teams faced each other. However, with the victory in the first leg in the Serie A framework this season, plus the impressive performance from the beginning of the season of AC Milan. The next match will be extremely unpredictable and there are many things to wait for.

Inter Milan

Before entering this match, Inter Milan had a draw to blame Udinese as a guest of Udinese in the framework of round 19 of Serie A. The match that Inter Milan was completely overwhelmed and even launched 10 final situations but could not scored. Thus, the Serie A runner-up missed a very good opportunity to level the score with AC Milan. Specifically, through 19 rounds in the Italian National Championship, Inter Milan won 12, drew 5 and lost 2. With 41 points in hand, Inter Milan is at second place in the standings and 2 points less than AC Milan. That is not a big difference and the army of coach Antonio Conte is strong enough to rise to the top in the coming time. However, Inter Milan still has to quickly improve their performance, because they have only won 1/4 of the last round. This season, Inter Milan played a very good attack and they are the team with the most powerful attackers in the tournament with 45 goals, Besides, Inter Milan defense conceded 23 times. In the Italian National Cup, Inter Milan beat Fiorentina to get tickets to the quarter-finals. The fact that their opponent is AC Milan, of course challenging coach Antonio Conte and his students is not small.

AC Milan 

As one of the rich traditional Italian football teams, but AC Milan has not shown its ability in recent seasons. Things can only change this season when coach Stefano Pioli is helping AC Milan completely transform. Currently, after 19 rounds, AC Milan won 13, drew 4 and lost 2. The result gave this team 43 points and the top position of the rankings. However, with the latest defeat at home to Atalanta, AC Milan is only 2 points ahead of Inter Milan's second place. With such a small distance, if you are not careful, it is likely that AC Milan will be beaten in the coming time. Remember that both AC Milan's losses since the beginning of the season have come from the last 5 rounds. In the first leg in Serie A this season, AC Milan beat Inter Milan with a score of 2-1. However, 4 times before meeting, AC Milan lost.