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DelRey: UE Cornella vs Barcelona

UE Cornella vs Barcelona

Barcelona just missed the chance to bring back their first title this season after losing to Ath Bilbao in the Spanish Super Cup final. Temporarily forgetting the pain, teachers and coach Ronald Koeman will look forward to the match with UE Cornella in round 1/16 of the King's Cup. In front of a much less qualified opponent, it is clear that Barcelona is not difficult to kill.

UE Cornella team - King's Cup of Spain

UE Cornella is a very strange group for Spanish football fans. It is not surprising, because they are only playing in Segunda Division B - Group 3, a playground equivalent to the Spanish Division 3. Not only is the playing field much worse in terms of strength, but UE Cornella's performance is not appreciated at this stage. Specifically, in the last 5 rounds in Segunda Division B - Group 3, UE Cornella was unsuccessful when it drew 2 and lost 3. Since the beginning of the season, UE Cornella won 3, drew 4 and lost 4 after 11 rounds. As a result, this team is in the group holding the red light with 8th place with 13 points. The biggest bright spot for UE Cornella at this stage was the Spanish King's Cup playground. Where they created the earthquake when they passed Atl Madrid 1-0 to win tickets. However, it was a match where Atl Madrid used most of the factors that rarely play. Not to mention they are fighting to defend the first place in La Liga and the King's Cup is not a priority at this time. Having to meet Barcelona in this game is clearly too difficult for UE Cornella to surprise.

Barcelona team - Spanish King's Cup

Griezmann's double goal was not enough to help Barcelona defeat Ath Bilbao and had to watch the opponent win the Spanish Super Cup title painfully. Not only that, this match also marked Messi for the first time to receive a red card in his professional football career. Thus the Argentine star will not be able to participate in the upcoming Barcelona match. Of course that is not too big of a problem for the visitors, because their level is clearly superior to their opponents. Remember, except for the defeat against Ath Bilbao, Barcelona played very well before. Specifically, 9 consecutive unbeaten Barcelona appearances when drawing 3 and winning 6. In La Liga, teachers and coaches Ronald Koeman climbed to third place on the standings with 34 points after 18 rounds. They are only 3 points behind Real Madrid and can completely make a breakthrough in the coming time.