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DFBPOKAL: Holstein Kiel vs Bayern Munich

Holstein Kiel vs Bayern Munich

Holstein Kiel vs Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich just received a very strong punch against Monchengladbach in the Bundesliga arena. The way that "Gray Lobster" received the second defeat at this playground is ringing alarm bells about the competitive attitude of coach Hansi Flick's students. Therefore, just having to meet representatives from the German Division 2 like Holstein Kiel will be an opportunity for Bayern Munich to regain confidence from the fans.

Holstein Kiel - German Cup

At the moment, Holstein Kiel is playing in the German Division 2. However, this is not a strange group for fans. Even Holstein Kiel is playing really well and has a great chance of making his debut in the Bundesliga next season. Accordingly, after 15 matches played in the 2nd Division, Holstein Kiel won 8, drawn 5 and lost 2. Currently with 29 points, the home team Holstein-Stadion is ranked third in the standings. However, they are only 1 point behind the top of the table and the opportunity to compete fairly for the promotion ticket is extremely open. In terms of form, Holstein Kiel is playing somewhat depressed when not winning both last 2 appearances. At home Holstein Kiel also has his own problems when he only won 2/6 times to welcome guests recently. In addition to being much inferior to my opponent in terms of ability.

Bayern Munich - German Cup

Leading Monchengladbach 2 goals very early thanks to goals from Lewandowski and Goretzka. It was thought that Bayern Munich would have an easy match at the opponent's Borussia-Park mecca. However, the surprise happened when "Gray Lobster" suddenly lost 2-3 when the whistle ended the match. This defeat did not make Bayern Munich lose the first place, but coach Hansi Flick and his teacher were criticized a lot from the grave. Apparently "Gray Lobster" played superficially and somewhat despised the opponent. Undeniably in the Bundesliga, Bayern Munich is too strong, but in the short term they will be the knockout round of the Champions League. Even with 33 points after 15 rounds, Bayern Munich is only 2 points higher than RB Leipzig on the Bundesliga standings. Therefore, against an opponent who is only playing in the German Division 2 like Holstein Kiel, "Gray Lobster" needs a positive result to return to the winning trajectory. In addition, a title in the German Cup is also what Bayern Munich aim for.