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EFL: Derby County vs Bournemouth

Derby County vs Bournemouth

Wayne Rooney's honeymoon series since sailing the shipwreck Derby County have come to an end. At that time, the "Flock of Sheep" continued to return to its familiar weak form and the fight to get rid of the group holding the red light had begun. This round, with the encounter with a Bournemouth who is in the leading group in the standings. It's really too difficult for Derby County to avoid the third consecutive defeat.

Derby County - Championship 

Before the UK First Division this season started, Derby County is highly appreciated and is a bright candidate for the promotion ticket. In fact, in the last few seasons, Derby County has been very close to the Premier League playground, but they did not keep their cold head at the decisive moment. Being appreciated as so, but "Herd of sheep" caused extreme disappointment and even faced a great risk of relegation at the end of the season. Despite changing the position of captain, with the appointment of Wayne Rooney as coach. However, things are only a little bright at the beginning and now Derby County continues to cause great disappointment. Specifically, the last 4 rounds of the Pride Park home team won only 1 and had to receive 3 defeats. If considering all competitions, Derby County lost 4/5 last appearances. Even at home, this team only won 1/5 of the last welcome. Currently with 19 points after 23 rounds, Derby County is standing 23/24 teams participating in the tournament. It can be said that if the situation does not quickly improve, the prospect of relegation will become a disaster for Derby County.

Bournemouth - Championship 

Last season, Bournemouth was still in the Premier League, but their poor performance cost them a relegation ticket. Of course keeping most of the pillars helped them maintain a formidable strength in the English First Division. Through 24 rounds, teachers and coaches Jason Tindall gave themselves 42 points and ranked third in the rankings. Bournemouth's performance has been somewhat deteriorated recently, when the last 5 rounds they only won 1 draw 2 and lost 2. It is the above-mentioned series of poor matches that makes Bournemouth the second place of Swansea far behind. 4-point distance. That is the gap that Bournemouth will have to work hard in the coming time to level. Away from home, Bournemouth is not bad when they are unbeaten in the last 4/5 matches.