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EPL: Arsenal vs Crystal Palace

Arsenal vs Crystal Palace

With good signs in terms of performance in the last few rounds, Arsenal is putting great faith in the goal of winning all 3 points in the London derby with Crystal Palace, especially when the Gunners will have the advantage of returning to play at home.

Arsenal - Premier League  

Arsenal has come under great pressure after a series of poor matches and was pushed down to 15th place on the rankings. But the pressure has helped coach Mikel Arteta's students play with higher determination and they have achieved 3 consecutive victories. Not only significantly improving their position on the rankings, but the Gunners are also opening hopes of returning to the top 5.

The derby matches with Crystal Palace have never been easy for Arsenal, but the fact that they just had a convincing victory over another London team, Chelsea at the Emirates will be a very good spiritual fulcrum for Aubameyang. with teammates. Thus, teachers and coaches Mikel Arteta have the right to hope for the next victory and closer to the top 5 this season.

Crystal Palace - Premier League 

As for the visitors, Crystal Palace is showing a rather lackluster performance. Although they have just won in the last round, but the 3 points that Eagles have are just before the bottom team of Sheffield United and their results have yet to show any significant signs of improvement. The weak performance of Crystal Palace is also shown more clearly on away field.

In fact, in the last 8 trips away from home, Coach Roy Hodgson's army, despite having won 2 victories, also had to receive 5 defeats. Among those Eagle matches, there are up to 5 matches they could not have a goal of their own. The weakness on the attacking front makes it difficult for Crystal Palace to hope to make things at Emirates Stadium.