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EPL: Arsenal vs Manchester United

Arsenal vs Manchester United

Manchester United have never won Arsenal in their last 4 encounters and on this trip their mission is nothing more than to spend all three points to forget the pain they just lost to the bottom team Sheffield United in the previous match.

After a bad start in the early part of the season, Arsenal have started to regain their form and image in recent rounds. Specifically, the Emirates Stadium team has been unbeaten for the past 6 consecutive rounds with 5 wins and 1 draw, worth mentioning that their victories are all convincing, typically like the thnawgs Chelsea 3-1, cancel Kill rookie West Bromwich 4-0 and most recently won 3-1 on the field of a nasty opponent, Southampton.

Although it is too early to say a successful season for Arsenal, but what the Gunners have been in the past time is showing a strong and completely explosive rise in the second half of the season. However, the font must be without the weaknesses of coach Amatriain's army when they have many times disappointed in recent home matches. Specifically, the last 7 matches at home they only won 2, drew 2 and lost 3.

In the previous round, the Norwegian strategist was too risky to turn the squad in the confrontation with the bottom team Sheffield United and as a result they lost 1-2 weakly, in which both goals came. from young player Tuanzebe's mistake in his first starting match. However, this defeat is not considered too bad for Manchester United when they have had a good match and the team rotation for this too harsh tournament is also not too blameful for coach Solsa.

Manchester United need to go through these difficult times, something they have done many times since the end of last season until now. The failure of the previous 5 consecutive matches on all fronts with 4 wins and 1 draw, in which each win against Liverpool has shown the level and current capacity of the Reds is very formidable. In addition, the away form is a strength of the home team Odd Trafford when they are the only team that has not lost on this front and is also the team with the best performance today.