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EPL: Chelsea vs Burnley

Chelsea vs Burnley

Chelsea has had a change of staff and it is the appointment of one of the best coaches, Thomas Tuchel, whether this change will help The Blue improve its poor performance or continue to sink. on the string of achievements.

After 19 rounds, Chelsea are getting 29 points after 8 wins, 5 draws and 6 losses, they have fallen to 10th place in the standings and are far behind the top 4 with a distance of up to 6 points. The 0-2 defeat against Leicester City at King Power was like a drop of water, making the leadership of this team no longer patient enough with former England midfielder Frank Lampard and officially moved away from the strategic position. this family.

Currently, The Blue owns an extremely quality team and with this team, if it is driven effectively, it can help them compete for the championship, because that is the reason why the Stamford team has just appointed. new coach Thomas Tuchel, former coach Paris Saint Germain into the hot chair. The first match under this manager will be a confrontation with an annoying team called Wolves and if there are good results in that debut, the Stamford Bridge team can fully believe in a fresh prospect. brighter in the second half of the season.

Burnley is a team that, since the beginning of the season, many times have caused the big guys to embrace hatred, typically winning Arsenal on Emirates, overcoming an annoying rival, Wolves at home and close. especially making the defending champions Liverpool empty right on Anfield. In the FA Cup arena, the home team Turf Moor just got a 3-0 victory on Fulham's field in round 4.

Although Burnley's current performance is quite poor when he only got 19 points after 5 wins, 4 draws and 9 losses, regularly getting good results against Big6 opponents is helping them get. great confidence in this guest trip. Moreover, in front of their eyes is an unstable team in terms of personnel when Thomas Tuchel just got his feet wet to work in England. Also, keep in mind that Burnley has won both of his last 2 away matches without receiving any goals.