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EPL: Chelsea vs Manchester City

Chelsea vs Manchester City

Chelsea vs Manchester City

Consecutively have to receive disappointing results recently with Chelsea, they will have difficulty against a Manchester City that is slowly returning in recent times.

Chelsea  - Premier League 

After a weak defeat against Arsenal this season, Chelsea must continue to disappoint their fans once more. Specifically, the teachers and coaches of Frank Lampard recently let Aston Villa stand at Stamford Bridge's home ground, making them still ranked 6th in the rankings.

The recent results of Chelsea are contrary to the expectations of their fans because it should be remembered that Chelsea is the team with the biggest investment in the summer transfer window with a lot of expensive contracts. However, the fact that teachers and coaches Frank Lampard have not got good results and even the top 4 race this season with the Stamford Bridge team is also facing many difficulties with 3 points less than this time. In the next round, coach Frank Lampard's army must welcome Manchester City at home. This is the next challenge for Chelsea because if they cannot confirm their strength, a failure to them is what seems to be waiting ahead.

Manchester City  - Premier League

On the other side of the field, Manchester City recently had to receive bad news when there were Covid-19 cases in the squad that caused them to postpone the match against Everton. However, playing densely with Manchester City to rest a round seems to be a blessing for the Manchester City team when the next round they have to be a guest at Chelsea.

In fact, Manchester City's recent form has seen a lot of improvement since the start of his season. In all competitions, teachers and coaches Pep Guardiola are unbeaten 10 matches with 7 wins and 3 draws. On the current Premier League rankings, Man City has also risen to 8th place with 26 points obtained. Despite being less than the top 4 leading to 3 points today, coach Pep Guardiola's army is playing less than 2 rounds and their hopes for the top 4 race are still very intact. As a guest at the upcoming Chelsea stadium with Manchester City, despite difficulties, with their current form, they are still a highly appreciated name. Not to mention the declining performance of the home team, this is the time for teachers and coaches Pep Guardiola to leave with a victory for themselves.