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EPL: Crystal Palace vs Wolves

Crystal Palace vs Wolves

This is a competition between two teams that have a very poor performance in recent times, so victory will be what they will aim for.

The game was extremely prosperous and had a very early lead in the match against West Ham United in the last match, but Crystal Palace still could not create a surprise and had to accept a close defeat. with the score 2-3. That result reflects the decline of the Eagle at the present time.

The aforementioned defeat is the fourth consecutive match where Crystal Palace does not know the taste of victory in all competitions, it is worth mentioning that they have only 1 time to find joy in the last 10 matches. Not to mention, the 13th place on the rankings with 23 points after 20 rounds is more than enough to show the poverty of teachers and coach Roy Hodgson. The most important thing at the moment is that Wilfried Zaha and his teammates need to take advantage of Selhurst Park's home field to seek victory in the upcoming welcome.

Things are not much better for Wolves, losing 2-3 at home against the penultimate team, West Bromwich, is an unacceptable achievement for them. Currently, there are not many people who dare to put their faith in Wolves at the present time.

In terms of rankings, Wolves are even inferior to Crystal Palace when holding 14th place with 22 points in hand, although the distance with the group holding the red light is 10 points, but they are still not allowed to pass. In addition, the change in gameplay style is also the main reason that Wolves are no longer an annoying team like in recent years, along with poor performance on away field with 1 win, 1 draw and 3 losing in 5 matches, coach Nuno Santo's army has difficulty completing the goal of winning all 3 points.