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EPL: Everton vs Leicester City

Everton vs Leicester City

Everton has always been a tough opponent for Leicester City and whether with the goal of spending all 3 points to continue to compete with the two above-mentioned rivals, Manchester United and Manchester City, will help Foxes fulfill their goals at work. this guest.

Everton  - Premier League

Everton are very confident in welcoming the Fox in this round 18 when in the last 3 encounters they have not lost, even won 2 recent times, including a 2-0 victory over King. Power in the first leg. Currently, despite being ranked 6th on the chart, coach Ancelotti teachers and coaches are only 2 points away from the fourth ranked team, Liverpool, only 2 points and still have 2 games in the hand.

Everton's recent performance is quite good when he has won all three of the last matches, including 2 matches in the FA Cup arena and the last match in this front, it is a victory on the opponent's field. nasty is Wolves. However, the past home form of the home team Goodison Park was very bad when after 8 matches in this match they won 4, drew 1 and lost 3, the most recent was a 0-1 defeat against West Ham United. . With the goal of squeezing into the top 4 after this game. Coach Ancelotti and his students will make efforts and make decisions to get that.

Leicester City - Premier League

Leicester City has a terrifying form as well as extremely effective play in the past, specifically, they have won all 5 consecutive matches recently, including 3 matches in this arena and 2 rounds. at the FA Cup front. Currently, the Fox is temporarily ranked 3rd on the standings with 38 points after 12 wins, 2 draws and 5 losses, equal to the score with the 2nd ranked Manchester City team but has kicked more than 1 match.

In the last 2 matches, Leicester City has shown their bravery when in turn overcoming formidable opponents Southampton and Chelsea with the same convincing 2-0 score. This achievement has extended the unbeaten streak in the Premier League to 6 with 4 wins and 2 draws, including a draw against the best performing team at the moment, Manchester United. In two matches in the FA Cup arena, even though they were just the opponents playing in the Champioship but they were all formidable opponents, the result was that the Foxes destroyed Stoke City and Brentford respectively with bold scores.