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EPL: Everton vs West Ham

Everton vs West Ham

Everton vs West Ham

The home team Everton is in good shape recently. Plus often getting good results against West Ham and home advantage. Obviously, the upcoming pick-up is more likely to bring luck to The Toffees.

Everton Team - Premier League

After an unsuccessful first season under coach Carlo Ancelotti, Everton is now completely transformed. Clearly the experience of the Italian strategist is undeniable to the present time. The match against Everton beat Sheffield Utd 1-0 on away field. It was also the 4th consecutive match that The Toffees triumphantly sang in the Premier League playground. Before that Everton had beaten Chelsea, Leicester and Arsenal. Thus, it can be said that Everton is the team with the best performance in the Premier League at the moment. Currently, coaches and teachers Carlo Ancelotti is ranked 4th in the rankings. In which, after 15 rounds, The Toffees got 29 points. That achievement comes from 9 wins, 2 draws and 4 losses. At this time, they are only 4 points behind Liverpool's top spot and if they beat West Ham, that gap is only a small point. The advantage was greater with Everton before this match, when they were given a full week off due to their previous encounter with Man City having to be canceled because of the Civid-19 translation.

West Ham team - Premier League

Holding Southampton's draw fading in the previous round, West Ham had the second consecutive draw when they had previously divided points at home against Brighton. Obviously at the stage where the competition schedule was very harsh, the "sledgehammer" was visibly down. In the last 4 consecutive rounds, West Ham did not win, in which they drew 3 and lost 1. On the standings at this time, West Ham fell to 10th place with 23 points after 16 rounds. In which, West Ham's achievements are from 6 wins, 5 draws and 5 defeats. Everything is going against West Ham when they only have 3 days off to play in this match. Not to mention, the last 2 marches away from home, the "Weight Hammer" did not win. In terms of history of confrontation, West Ham is even worse when they have not won all 4 times against Everton. In that series, the away team drew only 1 and lost 3 matches.

David Moyes' journey in the Premier League this season is exactly like a bungee jump game. He started the season with a fall straight to the cliff when West Ham lost 2 consecutive matches, then was kicked back up by 2 consecutive victories. Following that, there are 3 consecutive wins without winning, and then 3 consecutive wins. Just like that until now.

After going through a series of sublimation matches with 4 victories in 5 matches lasting from early November to early December, West Ham has just hit the milestone of 4 consecutive games without winning, and if the rule of "bungee jumping" repeats, many Moyes' ability to return to Goodison Park today will be a happy one. 

With Moyes, Everton is an old team, a domain of beautiful memories but also a pain. Since leaving, whenever I see the old team Moyes, I hold my hatred. He lost to Everton five consecutive matches that lasted from 2013 to 2017.

It was not until he took the position of head coach West Ham that Moyes knew for the first time the victory over Everton. That victory took place in the 38th round of the 2017/18 season. In this season, Moyes has lost 1-4 to Everton in the fourth round of the League Cup. Today, he returned to Goodison Park once again in the hope that after a jump into the abyss for four consecutive defeats, his West Ham would be pulled back. 

West Ham's chances of winning are, in theory, relatively low. Everton's performance recently has not been bad at all, having won the last 4/5 matches. However, West Ham is not necessarily without a chance. Remember that Everton can completely lose all three extremely important players, defender Lucas Digne, midfielder James Rodriguez and striker Richarlison in this match. According to updates from the Daily Mail, the ability to play Richarlison is there, but certainly he can not get the best condition.

The absence of creative players makes Everton's play also visibly ineffective. Their recent goals have mostly been scored from fixed situations. The striker himself, who has been in a high form, like Dominic Calvert-Lewin recently, is also less charming. Has 5 matches in a row in all the dumb Calvert-Lewin arenas . 

The bad thing is due to the lack of backup plans, Calvert-Lewin has recently had to plow continuously, both in the Premier League and the League Cup. He played 90 minutes in 13 consecutive Premier League matches. In the League Cup, in 4 Everton matches, Calvert-Lewin also had to plow 90 minutes to 2 matches.

It is very clear that the 23-year-old striker is down. This is definitely what West Ham will exploit. A tight defense will significantly erode the fitness of Everton players - the team is forced to attack in this match. If it is convenient, West Ham can completely leave Goodison Park today with at least 1 point in hand. 


Everton: James Rodriguez and Digne are yet to return. Richarlison's ability to play is left open. 

West Ham: Masuaku was absent due to injury,

2.  With 4 goals in 5 confrontation matches, West Ham is the opponent that striker Calvert-Lewin has second charm in the Premier League. Calvert-Lewin's favorite team in the Premier League is Newcastle (5 goals, 5 matches). 


Even goals

8/9 of the recent confrontation between the two sides witnessed the total goals per match is even number. The last 4/6 matches of West Ham also saw the total goals per game was divisible by 2.