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EPL: Liverpool vs Manchester United

Liverpool vs Manchester United

Liverpool need to beat their own rival at this season's championship race, Manchester United, to return to the top of their rankings just lost in the previous round.

Liverpool - Premier League 

In the last 3 consecutive rounds, the smell of victory with 2 draws and 1 defeat has made the Premier League champions at a disadvantage in the championship race this season. Indeed, from the top of the rankings and the distance to the opponents who are behind them, Liverpool has now fallen to second place with 3 points less than the leading Manchester United.

It can be seen that Liverpool's recent performance has gone down clearly when their last 3 opponents, West Browich, Newcastle and Southampton, are not appreciated, but coach Klopp's army cannot complete. into your goals and missions. The next round of the Red Brigade will welcome Manchester United at home with difficult challenges when the opponent is leading the current rankings. Anfiled's faith with Liverpool is great when he has impressive home achievements this season after eight rounds of unbeaten matches. Above all, in the two recent welcoming of Manchester United at home, coach Klopp and his teachers enjoyed the joy of victory.

Manchester United - Premier League  

On the other side of the field, Manchester United got a 1-0 win over Burnley in the last round to reach the top of the Premier League for the first time this season with 36 points. The results of the Red Devils in the current season are very commendable when the early stages of the season Manchester United have had many difficulties.

In fact, since the defeat against Arsenal in early November 2020, Manchester United has maintained an unbeaten record in the Premier League this season with 11 rounds when winning 9 and drawing 2 rounds. These dogs are really impressive as coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer seems to have found its inspiration to play back to the championship race this season. The upcoming trip to Liverpool at Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and his students will be a turbulent one for me. Both of the two recent marches at Anfiled Stadium, the Red Devils have left empty-handed and four times as a guest before the great rival, Manchester United has never defeated the opponent. That is why this will be a turbulent trip away from home with Man United even though they are still unbeaten away this season.