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EPL: Man United vs Aston Villa

Man Utd vs Aston Villa

Man Utd vs Aston Villa 

Aston Villa is showing an extremely impressive performance in the Premier League this season. However, Man Utd is also very good at the moment, not to mention "Red Devil", which is extremely charming when he meets the home team of Villa Park. Before such a familiar prey, coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will not miss the opportunity to level the gap to the top of Liverpool.

Man Utd team - Premier League

The Old Trafford team started the season extremely struggling and at one point they had to dive in the bottom group of the Premier League. Besides, Man Utd also had a very bad performance in the Champions League when he was eliminated from the group stage. It seems that there will be another season to throw away and coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's chair is no longer available. However, at the most desperate moment, Man Utd showed his great fighting spirit. A few days ago they defeated Wolves at home with a 90 + 3 goal from Marcus Rashford. It was even the 8th consecutive match that Man Utd did not lose in the Premier League, in which they drew 2 and won 6. Plus Liverpool's declining performance, now Man Utd climbed to 2nd place. with 30 points after 15 rounds. Even "Red Devil" has 1 game in hand and if they win they will be equal to the champions. Clearly, It has been a long time since Man Utd fans revived their hopes for the throne race in the Premier League. With high spirits, there is no reason Man Utd kicked himself in the foot in the upcoming Aston Villa reception.

Aston Villa team - Premier League

In the Premier League last season, Aston Villa had to stay relegated until the final match. Even with good luck, the home team of Villa Park can continue to participate in this season. It seems that things will not change when Aston Villa experiences a bleak summer due to the Covid-19 pandemic. But everything has changed completely, even though Aston Villa still remains as the factors of last season. At this time, Aston Villa is in 5th place with 26 points obtained after 14 rounds. In which the away team's achievements are 8 wins, 2 draws and 4 defeats. At this time, Aston Villa is only 3 points behind the top 4 and has 1 game left in hand. In terms of performance, the visitors are unbeaten in the last 5 rounds, including 2 draws and 3 wins. Even Aston Villa unbeaten 6/7 away matches in the Premier League this season. The biggest problem for them is their poor performance against Man Utd. Accordingly, only in official tournaments, since 2009, Aston Villa has not won against Man Utd.

First, it must still be confirmed that Aston Villa is really a "bone" that is difficult to swallow for any opponent in the Premier League. Coach Dean Smith's team had just held Chelsea on away field with a score of 1-1, in a match where they were leading and under a lot of pressure from the home team. It was the third consecutive round, Aston Villa was unbeaten on away field, when they previously defeated West Brom (3-0) and Wolves (1-0) to make the song triumphant.

With the Chelsea draw, Aston Villa has 26 points after just 14 appearances (The Villa still kicks 2 matches less than other teams). That means Aston Villa of the Premier League 2020/21 has earned 11 points more than themselves in the first 14 matches last season. This is certainly not a weak opponent who let Man United "come home" with a 3-0 victory at the end of the 2019/20 season. 

But saying so does not mean that Man United's 3-point goal in this match is deadlock, impossible. Coach Ole Solskjaer's team so far retains an inexplicable personality: They always play badly when expected and kick very well every time they fall to the end of disappointment, when they reach the bottom of the chart. performance. At that time, a strange power appeared, bringing Man United back to high altitude, with epic victories, against the toughest opponents, much harder to play than tonight Aston Villa.

Not far, after being knocked out of the Champions League by RB Leipzig in early December, Man United's situation, more precisely Solskjaer's coach, was at an alarming level. At that time, the Norwegian military leader was at the top of the list of captains at risk of losing their jobs in the Premier League. Man United was trying very hard to get 6th in the standings after losing at home to Crystal Palace (1-3), Tottenham (1-6) and Arsenal (0-1).

However, the nightmare named Leipzig turned out to be the starting point for a new sublimation journey of Man United. Immediately after returning from Europe, the Red Devils excellent drew Man City 0-0 in the derby in the Premier League and then lost a lot since then. They won 3 matches against Sheffield United, Leeds, Wolves and in the middle was an exciting 2-2 draw on Leicester's field.

If you look at the ups and downs and sublimation cycles of Man United under Solskjaer, like the honeymoon period with 14 victories in 19 provisional matches or 19 unbeaten series at the end of last season, then maybe believe that what the Red Devils have just done is just the beginning.

Man United is still in front of Man United, when their main stars are mostly in high form. Bruno Fernandes is still shooting and assisting steadily. Marcus Rashford is constantly shining again with goals against Wolves, Leicester or Sheffield United. Young talents Scott McTominay and Mason Greenwood both contributed to the victory. Even "super reserve" Cavani also has 1 goal and 1 assist in the last 3 matches. All are painting an optimistic picture for the Red Devils at the marathon stage from Christmas to New Year.

With that mentality of excitement and confidence, Man United will know how to make the most of the fulcrum at home to defeat the Aston Villa "dark horse" in the match tonight. Because it is important to remember that, while Aston Villa has lost 6/7 the last visit to Old Trafford, Man United has just regained the strength of his home when he won 2 and drew 1 in the last 3 matches here. 

Since the transition to coaching, Ole Solskjaer has faced Aston Villa a total of 3 times, including once with Cardiff and twice with Man United. As a result, the Norwegian military leader drew 0-0 when he led Cardiff to host Aston Villa in 2014 and drew 1, winning 1 when they met with Manchester United against Birmingham in the Premier League last season.


Man United: Victor Lindelof and Marcos Rojo are absent due to injuries. Cavani is suspended for 3 matches.

Aston Villa: Away from Wesley and Trezeguet due to injury. Tyron Mings returns from probation.

According to Asian rafters, Man United won the last 6/10 matches in all competitions and in the last 3/5 home matches.

According to Asian rafters, Aston Villa won 5 of the last 10 matches in all competitions.


Odd goals for the whole match

8/11 of the last clash between the two teams ended with an odd total of goals. The last 13/15 appearances of Aston Villa also saw the total number of goals not divisible by 2. This match is easy to turn off goals.