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EPL: Manchester City vs Brighton

Manchester City vs Brighton

With the current excitement, Manchester City are very confident in their ability to win all 3 points in the reception of a difficult team like Brighton.

Manchester City - Premier League  

Manchester City have risen to 5th place on the rankings with 29 points earned after 15 rounds, 4 points behind the top team but with less than 2 matches. They have just won a victory against Birmingham with 3 goals not equalized in the FA Cup playground, this is seen as a walk to help the players' mentality and morale excited a lot when in the second half. Manchester City's green half withdrew most of the pillars to gain strength.

Calculated, after the draw against West Browich, Manchester City has won 6 consecutive victories in all competitions. The attackers have somewhat regained their ability to hunt after the previous deadlock. In particular, coach Pep Guardiola's weaknesses for many years have been greatly improved, which is the defense, the duo Ruben Dias and John Stones are in high form when playing too firmly. Since the beginning of the season so far they have only had to receive only 13 goals, at least in the tournament. Obviously, these results make the fans have a lot of expectations for their beloved team.

Brighton - Premier League 

On this side, Brighton only won 17 points after 17 rounds and is temporarily ranked 17th on the rankings, just 3 points higher than the group holding the red light with a distance of 3 points but playing less than 2 matches. They were just disappointed when they were held by a very weak opponent, Newport County in the FA Cup arena, had to play penalty shootout for the team with the nickname gulls to win the ticket, this result. Which reflects their weak performance.

The last 9 matches in all Brighton arena do not know what the smell of victory is, including 3 defeats. It can be seen that, although the performance is not too bad in front of medium-sized teams, when facing strong opponents, they appear to be poor. The evidence is that Coach Graham Potter's teachers and students had to fail on the field of Leicester City or Everton when they marched there, partly showing that their ability to endure pressure is not good. Therefore, it is difficult to expect the ability of the Brighton players to create a surprise in the coming game away from home.