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EPL: Newcastle United vs Leeds United

Newcastle United vs Leeds United 

The whole team is going through but the achievements are very disappointing in recent rounds, so the encounter with each other will be an opportunity for 1 in 2 to accumulate points.

Newcastle United - Premier League

Marching to Villa Park with not too much confidence made Newcastle United lose 0-2, thereby extending the losing streak to four. Poor performance with 8 consecutive draws and only draws and losses, this ominous achievement makes them gradually fall back on the Premier League rankings.

Specifically, the army of coach Steve Bruce now fell to 16th place with 19 points in hand, 7 points distance from the group holding the red light will make them worry at this time. In addition, the lackluster performance at Sr James' Park's home field with 1 win, 2 draws and 2 losses in the last 5 games has made experts lose confidence in Newcastle United. Therefore, it is not surprising that they continue to be underestimated in the upcoming reception.

Leeds - Premier League 

On the opposite side, played at home and only had to encounter the extremely unstable team, Brighton, but Leeds United showed a faint face to receive at least 0- first. This is the second consecutive match that they do not know the taste of victory in the Premier League.

Up to the present time, Leeds United is the bright spot among the three rookies who have won the right to play in England's most prestigious tournament this season, which is reflected in their holding a safe position with 12th place with 23 points after 18 matches. However, being too passionate about attacking is the reason they often lose points regrettably, so the students of coach Marcelo Bielsa need to quickly make adjustments to improve their rankings in the future.