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EPL: Sheffield United vs Newcastle UTD

Sheffield United vs Newcastle Utd

Both Sheffield United and Newcastle United are in desperate need of points at the moment, so it is promising that the two teams will create an exciting and decisive match in the next clash.

Sheffield United - Premier League  

After an extremely successful season, Sheffield United has been steadily declining this season. They are on the bottom of the rankings with only 2 points won after 17 rounds. In fact, this is not too surprising when coach Chris Wilder does not have a quality addition before the start of the season, if it does not show improvement, they may have to drop.

Calculated, Sheffield United players do not know the taste of victory this season, they only earned 2 draws and had to receive 15 defeats. Even at his home field, Ethan Ampadu and his teammates also showed weakness when losing 5 consecutive matches recently. Both attackers and defenders proved poor and ineffective. The players who performed well in the previous season have fallen dramatically, even the fighting spirit is no longer maintained. Because of this, they are doubted by fans about the possibility of a return.

Newcastle United - Premier League 

On this side, Newcastle United is temporarily ranked 15th on the rankings with 19 points earned after 16 rounds, 8 points more than the group holding the red light with a distance of 8 points but playing 2 more games. They played relatively blurred when they won 2 wins 2 draws and lost 3 matches in the last 7 matches. Notably, the away record of "sting chòe" is quite disappointing when it has to receive 3 defeats 2 battles and 3 draws.

However, it can be seen that the 3 defeats are against much higher rated opponents. This partly shows that Newcastle United players are performing a relatively stable face, especially playing well against opponents that are not appreciated. They defeated West Ham and Crystal Palace, drew Wolves or Brighton on away field. Therefore, in front of a team that is in crisis like Sheffield United, it is clear that the ability to create surprises by the group is completely grounded, especially when the confrontation record is fully supporting them.