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EPL: Sheffield United vs Tottenham

Sheffield United vs Tottenham

Having just had the joy of winning, Sheffield United faced a big challenge when the next round they had to host Tottenham at their home field.

Sheffield United - Premier League 

After 18 rounds of this season, Sheffield United fans finally enjoyed the joy of victory when their beloved team just beat Newcastle at home. This victory, although not able to help Sheffield United escape from the bottom of the rankings, it will more or less give them motivation for the rest of the season.

It can be seen that the ability to compete for Sheffield United's relegation ticket is really difficult because the distance between them and the safe group is now 9 points less than currently. This is a relatively far distance from the current capacity of coach Chris Wilder and coaches because although they have just won the last victory, the form from the beginning of the season until now shows their serious decline. . The next round of Sheffield United welcomes Tottenham at home with many difficulties. Although last season coach Chris Wilder's army surprised 2 times unbeaten against Tottenham, but their level and level were still underestimated compared to their opponents.

Tottenham - Premier League  

Meanwhile, Tottenham disappointment when Fulham kept the last round at his home field. This result makes the London city team still unable to improve their position when they are ranked 6th with 30 points.

The disappointment of Tottenham fans is completely understandable when the performance of the beloved team has declined in recent times. From the championship race in the early part of the season, now coach Jose Mourinho has been left behind with 6 points less than the lead and even the top 4 race will become much more difficult. compared to Tottenham today. The upcoming trip to Sheffield United with Mourinho's team is a very good opportunity for them to regain their joy of victory. In front of opponents who are showing poor performance in the season, it is understandable that Tottenham need to aim for a victory to continue their race.