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EPL: Southampton vs Liverpool

Southampton vs Liverpool

Southampton vs Liverpool

Southampton promises to be a difficult obstacle for the champions when they welcome Liverpool at the upcoming St Mary's home

Southampton  - Premier League 

Only having a draw against West Ham United last with Southampton, it is a somewhat unfortunate result when they grasp their advantages. However, with Southampton in the season they also got 26 points and are maintaining 9th place on the current rankings is also acceptable.

In recent times, Southampton have only lost 2 matches in their last 10 rounds, against Manchester City and Manchester United, both at their St Mary's home field. But even so, having 4 wins and 4 draws in the past also partly shows a completely different image of Southampton before the last season they only finished 11th and even finished. In the 2018/19 season, Southampton is also ranked 16th of the rankings. Therefore, at the upcoming Liverpool reception with Southampton they are expected to be one of the names that create difficulties for the defending champions.

Liverpool  - Premier League 

Meanwhile, Liverpool's recent performance is really worrying when the last two rounds of coach Klopp's team all have a draw. It is worth mentioning that the defending champions' recent opponents are not as appreciated names as West Bromwich and most recently Newcastle.

The bad results of Liverpool in the past time have accidentally made their championship race in the season difficult from great advantages. Coach Klopp's teachers and students only get 3 points more than the team behind Manchester United, but have played more than 1 round, showing many difficulties for them in the race to defend their championship title. Obviously with this result, Liverpool must blame themselves because they missed great opportunities to create a safe distance from their opponents in the rankings this season. Marching at the upcoming Southampton St Mary's with Liverpool, although it is appreciated, will not be easy for them. Poor performance coupled with a high density of competition will more or less affect the strength of the Red Brigade.