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EPL: Tottenham vs Fulham FC

Tottenham vs Fulham FC 

Because Aston Villa became a huge Covid-19 outbreak, the match between this team and Tottenham had to be postponed.  But to take advantage of the Premier League organizers, he pushed the Tottenham vs Fulham match (round of 16), which kicked in 3 days later.

So Fulham, from being leisurely prepared, was suddenly pushed straight to the ring to play against a burning Tottenham spirit.  This is a huge disadvantage for the team that is running away from this group holding the red light.

The recent form of Tottenham and Fulham
 Not surprisingly, Fulham coach Scott Parker, angrily speaking to the media about his inhibitions.  “This is wrong, really wrong.  They are too bureaucratic.  At 9:30 a.m. on Monday, they called us to tell us that instead of seeing Tottenham on the weekend, they would be in the middle of the week, ”Parker said.

Parker's feelings can be understood.  This young coach is under heavy pressure because Fulham are still dwelling so far in the bottom area of ​​the Premier League table.  With 5 consecutive games that have not been won since December 5, 2020 (losing 1 and drawing 4), Fulham, from standing outside the group holding the red light, has fallen to "mate" with two other teams in the relegation group.  West Brom and Sheffield United.

Fulham need to win.  But having to meet Tottenham, victory is too difficult for them.  The last 5 clashes between the two sides, since 2013 until now, Fulham only know defeat against Tottenham.  The last time they came to Tottenham's field, Fulham lost 1-3.

Contrary to Fulham, Tottenham is happy to face this rescheduling.  “This is a reasonable solution.  The cancellation of the game will leave many negative effects on the organization ", Tottenham coach Jose Mourinho said.  The captain understood that meeting Fulham was much softer than meeting Aston Villa as originally scheduled.

More importantly, Mourinho's Tottenham are also playing well.  They just destroyed the eighth team, Marine to 5-0 in round 3 of the FA Cup.  This victory extended a series of consecutive wins in all Tottenham arenas to number 3. Previously, the victory over Brentford (2-0) in the English League Cup and the beating of Leeds (3-0) in the tournament.  Premier League.

Tottenham are 4 points behind leading team Liverpool but kick less than 1 game.  That means that they need to beat Fulham in this London derby to get some heat right on the back of Liverpool, before having a chance to really knock the defending champions out of the top spot.

If you won Fulham, Tottenham did very well.  They defeated the same city opponent in the last 6/7 reception, with 14 times against Fulham.  At this time, when more and more skillful the pragmatic attacks of coach Mourinho, Tottenham can completely defeat the guests of Fulham again.