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EPL: Tottenham vs Liverpool

Tottenham vs Liverpool 

"This result is very unfair," Jose Mourinho told Sky Sports after his Tottenham lost 1-2 first leg to Liverpool. Tonight, the Portuguese coach will have a chance to regret because The Kop is showing signs of decline for more than a month ...

Back in time more than a month ago, Liverpool then destroyed Crystal Palace on away field with a score of 7-0. At that time, The Kop dominated the first place on the rankings and they were praised as the number one candidate for the Premier League championship. Experts also commented that the superiority of Juergen Klopp's teachers and students was because they still had the first place even though the first half of the season was often absent due to injury.

However, this is the season where unpredictability and surprise are increasing. And Liverpool is not out of that spiral. They slipped for a long time while standing on top of the charts. In the last 7 matches in all competitions since the victory over Crystal Palace, The Kop only won exactly 1 match, receiving 3 defeats. That only victory was just a 4-1 victory over Aston Villa's youth team in the FA Cup. That is, that win didn't mean anything in terms of expertise. Latest, Liverpool has just lost 2-3 at Old Trafford. Thus, The Kop has been eliminated in both domestic cup tournaments this season. 

It is the above decline that has pulled Liverpool in the main front of the Premier League. From the lead, they fell straight to fourth place with… 7 points behind the top team Man City despite kicking with the match (not including MU - Sheffield Utd). It is clearly a huge distance that The Kop is not easy to level if you look at the explosion of Blue Man at the moment. Liverpool is deteriorating in all lines. In attack, Mohamed Salah has 5 consecutive rounds in the Premier League. In the last 4 rounds, The Kop did not even score any goals. The closest table Liverpool have in the Premier League is the goal against the team that stands at the penultimate table, West Brom. Never in the Klopp era, The Kop attacked as badly as it is today. 

Liverpool's ability to create chances to eat is very bad. Previously, they filled this weakness with the excellence of strikers and the mobility of two full-backs. But this season, The Kop's ability to attack marginally is also reduced by Alexander-Arnold's poor performance. The quality of Alexander-Arnold's crosses from the beginning of the season was poor. 

And yet, the certainty of Liverpool's defense is also questioned? Fabinho played quite well, but it was he who made the mistake with him, causing Alisson to go out and make a penalty that led to a penalty in the 0-1 defeat to Burnley. Young talent Rhys Williams was used in the match against MU in the FA Cup and was also a defensive disaster. This is the stage where The Kop defense is very vulnerable and the Van Dijk - Gomez pair space is bigger than ever. Liverpool is really at the minimum in terms of both form and faith. 

In that situation, Tottenham will have a great opportunity to claim the first leg debt. At Anfield, Spurs played well but lost 1-2 by Roberto Firmino's last-minute goal. “It is an unfair result. The better team lost, ”said Jose Mourinho bitterly after the game. Tonight will be an occasion for London representatives to regain their revenge.

Tottenham's appearance and style of play was clearly formed under Mourinho. And this team owns a very good weapon to defeat Liverpool at this time.

That is the excellent defensive counterattack ability. At Anfield, the Spurs strikers had at least twice faced goalkeeper Alisson after fast counter attacks. Such a scenario can be completely repeated tonight, when The Kop's rising defense with immense gaps behind his back can be a good bait for the Son - Harry Kane couple to shine. Remember, Liverpool just lost to MU at Old Trafford last week because of the Reds' excellent ability to switch state and counterattack.

Tottenham is facing a better opportunity to defeat the defending champions. The point is, can they take advantage of it?