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EPL: West Ham vs Liverpool

West Ham vs Liverpool

Defeating Tottenham to end the previous bad series, but the next round to Liverpool will continue to face an uncomfortable challenge called West Ham. Obviously, having to be a guest of the opponent has not lost points since the new year 2021, coach and coach Jurgen Klopp will likely continue to return to the ground.

During most of the first leg in the Premier League this season, West Ham did not stand out very much and almost only did his job. But surprises have happened since the beginning of the new year 2021. At that time, West Ham played a total of 6 matches and got a full victory. In that series, there were 2 appearances in the FA Cup and 4 appearances in the Premier League. Even "Weight Hammer" also kept clean sheets in the last 4/6 matches. Impressive performance helped West Ham have a very strong breakthrough in the standings. Accordingly, teachers and coaches David Moyes climbed to 5th place in the rankings with 35 points obtained after 20 rounds. Now they are right behind Liverpool with 2 points less and if it makes a surprise in the next match, West Ham will step into the group to attend the Champions League next season. That was too powerful a force for the "Weight Hammer" towards, even if their opponent would be the much-regarded champions. West Ham's confidence is grounded when they are unbeaten all 5 times recently and won the last 3 matches.

It was thought that the trip to Tottenham's mecca would continue to engulf Liverpool. But in a difficult situation, the bravery of the champion was shown at the right time and place. The 3-1 victory not only released a series of pressure that surrounded The Kop, but it was important that Firmino, Alexander-Arnold and Mane returned to fire. Of course, a win can not erase the previous poor performance that Liverpool performed. Even in the last 6 rounds, The Kop only won 1, drew 3 and lost 2. On the chart, coach Jurgen Klopp was 4 points behind Man City and more than 1 match. Of course there is a reason for Liverpool to be confident when they have won the last 7/8 matches against West Ham in all competitions. However, Jota, Gomez, Van Dijk continue to be absent due to injury. While Fabinho, Matip, Keita still does not know the ability to play. Obviously the upcoming trip is still extremely difficult, as their opponents are playing too well.