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EPL: Wolves vs West Brom

Wolves vs West Brom

Only having to welcome West Bromwich who are at the penultimate position of this season's rankings with Wolves will be a great opportunity for them to find their joys of victory after not really good results.

Wolves - Premier League 

Welcoming Everton at home in the last round with Wolves they are expected to have a favorable result to improve their position in the rankings. However, teacher and coach Nuno Santo continued to create disappointment for fans with a 1-2 defeat against their opponent.

With the new defeat, Wolves had to receive a total of 8 losses from the beginning of the season after 18 rounds. This is not a very optimistic number for coach Nuno Santo's army this season because the last season they only received 9 defeats with the final 7th place. However, the Molineux Stadium home team is currently ranked 14th in the rankings this season. This result makes Wolves' ambitions this season almost quenched as the gap between them and the group leading the current season has widened to 10 points. In his next round, Wolves have a match to welcome West Bromwich at home, with their level and ability, coach Nuno Santo's army is still much more appreciated than the opponent. This is also an opportunity for the home team of Molineux Stadium to regain their joy of victory.

West Bromwich  - Premier League 

On the other side of the field, West Bromwich continued to face their difficulties this season with a tragic 0-4 defeat to Arsenal at home last year. This was the 11th defeat that West Bromwich had to receive this season, and they are still at the bottom of the rankings with only 8 points.

Since the beginning of the season, West Bromwich have only won one victory at home, while eight times away from home they have not known the smell of victory. The best record of just 3 draws while having five defeats is of great concern to West Bromwich fans. The next round, West Bromwich must be a guest against Wolves who are more capable than themselves. Although their past achievements support them today, with West Bromwich's performance from the beginning of the season so far, the fact that they have to leave empty-handed is unavoidable.