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FA Cup: Aston Villa vs Liverpool

Aston Villa vs Liverpool

Liverpool's first defeat in the Premier League this season was against Aston Villa itself. The match that The Kop has made a sad history when losing 2-7 at Villa Park. The reunion in the framework of the FA Cup here, while Liverpool is in crisis, Aston Villa has become an extremely annoying "dark horse". Therefore, the prospect of one more hating is very big for coach Jurgen Klopp and his teachers.

Aston Villa team - Cup FA

Bertrand Traore's only goal could not help Aston Villa to score as a guest of Man Utd in the previous round. However, the result 1-2 is not too bad for the home team Villa Park, as their opponents are in very high form and also have a fulcrum at home. In the Premier League this season, it can be said that Aston Villa is having the most impressive start in the history of the team. Specifically, teachers and coaches Dean Smith are ranked 8th in the rankings with 26 points earned after 15 rounds. Currently they are only 7 points away from the top team and have less than 2 matches, so the chance for them to make a breakthrough in the near future is extremely wide. In terms of performance, the last 6 appearances Aston Villa lost only 1 draw 2 and won 3 matches. With the sublime performance of conductor Jack Grealish, it is clear that Aston Villa is extremely beneficial at this moment. Plus home advantage,

Liverpool team - FA Cup

After taking the throne in the Premier League last season after 30 years of waiting, Liverpool continues to aim to defend the championship title that is predicted not to be easy this season. In fact, even without the key factors in the squad, The Kop still plays extremely impressive. But right at the most critical period of the season, weaknesses in force were gradually revealed. In the last 3 consecutive rounds, Liverpool did not win, in which they drew 2 and lost 1. At this time, teachers and coaches Jurgen Klopp are still ranked at the top of the table. However, they only have the same 33 points as Man Utd and even kicked more than 1 match. The latest defeat at Southampton a few days ago has pointed to a series of problems with Liverpool. In which, the downward stamina is the most obvious sign. When Mohamed Sala was slow, Roberto Firmino was playing unstable. Besides defender Trent Arnold had a sad day when he set the record for the most wrong passes in a match. In a situation where the great war with Man Utd is right in front of your eyes, it is difficult for Liverpool to fully focus on this match.