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FA Cup: Crawley Town vs Leeds United

Crawley Town vs Leeds United

FA Cup third round, Crawley Town must welcome a very strong opponent from Leeds United Premier League. The home team is ranked 6th in the 3rd division and has the opportunity to compete for a play off. Compared to the strength of Leeds United, however, is too lame. This is definitely a very difficult match for Crawley Town players.

Crawley Town are in good shape this season, bringing in 34 points from 22 games. 34 goals and 28 goals conceded show dedication play and impressive scoring ability. However, the weaknesses in defense and experience cannot be compensated. That is shown in the statistics of 1.3 goals lost per game. Confronting with Leeds is so outstanding, it is understandable that many times have to go to the net to pick up the ball. Returning to their home ground where they scored five consecutive games, the strikers were expected to continue to open fire.

Leeds United won the first division in a completely convincing way last season. They set their ambitions to return to their prime in the Premier League and the current 12th place shows the strength of the team. 30 goals with a performance of nearly 1.8 goals per game is an achievement behind only the top 3 teams. The gameplay under Bielsa is rich in dedication, with an average of 3.7 goals per game in Leeds. With the return of the strikers who have closed 13 goals in the last 5 matches, it is not surprising that Leed poured a rain of goals against Crawley.

The issue of class and experience is the big difference in this encounter. Leeds United are not only playing in the Premier League, but they are led by tactical master Bielsa. The superiority of the guests is undisputed.

Crawley's home form did not bring much hope. In the last 2 matches, they were continuously held by the lower group. In contrast, Leeds, in the most intense stage, still won 3 victories after 5 appearances and 13 times filled in on the scoreboard. On the other hand, having to focus on promotion goal makes Crawley not too salty with the cup arena.