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FA Cup: Marine vs Tottenham Hotspur

Marine vs Tottenham Hotspur 

In the Premier League this year, Tottenham Hotspur is having a quite favorable start while holding 4th place on the rankings with 29 points after 16 matches, equal to 3 other teams but still good. ranked above due to more goal difference. Compared to the three teams in the first group, Tottenham Hotspur does not have a big difference in scores, so if you can win in the next round, coach José Mourinho can completely compete for positions. 3rd is currently held by Leicester City. In general, Spurs' achievements in the past period are quite stable, so in the match against Marine in the FA Cup, Tottenham Hotspur is expected to not face too many difficulties to bring victory.

Tottenham Hotspur's recent performance is also relatively stable when it only lost 1 match, owned 1 draw and won in the remaining 3 matches on all fronts. The only team that Tottenham have to fail when they clash is Leicester City, which is in the top 3 with a brilliant record, so even though it holds the advantage at home, Tottenham Hotspur still faces many. hard. But on an unlucky day, Tottenham Hotspur not only could not bring back any goals, but the Foxes successfully took advantage of the few opportunities to bring 2 goals, thereby making Tottenham lose the final. with the score 0-2. However, after this defeat, Tottenham Hotspur partly recovered with a series of 4 consecutive unbeaten matches across the arena,

On the other side, Marine is the team currently playing in the amateur English First Division, the club has just joined this tournament for 2 seasons. At the moment, Marine's performance is not too bad when he is ranked 6th on the Northern North West standings with 15 points after the first 7 matches. However, compared to rival Tottenham Hotspur in the upcoming FA Cup match, Marine is completely inferior in both form and performance from the league. So even if the side holds the home field advantage in this game, Marine does not have many chances to win against Tottenham Hotspur.

Marine's performance in the last 5 matches is not bad when he only received 1 defeat and won in the remaining 4 matches in all competitions that the team attended. However, the tournaments that Marine is participating in are all subclasses and the FA Cup is the only tournament the club has the opportunity to clash with big names. In general, Marine's recent performance is not bad, but the huge difference in the league and the strength of the club against the opponent is one of the names of English football. ability to win the confrontation with Tottenham Hotspur is not appreciated.

Marine will be playing at home in the upcoming match but the advantage of the field does not mean much, Asian exchanges list a football rate of up to 4.5, this is a quite high handicap and also part Which shows the outcome of this match, but Tottenham is not sure the choice that can bring the player victory. Marine's ability to hunt goals in the last 5 matches taking place at the Rossett Park Sanctuary is also relatively stable when he scored 9 goals, but stumbled upon a solid Tottenham defense, Marine's ability to have goals was not hit. expensive. On the Tottenham side, the team did not have many victories in the last 5 trips away from home, so it is likely that Marine will be an extremely great opportunity for Tottenham to regain its form with a rain of goals.