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FA Cup: Stockport vs West Ham

Stockport vs West Ham

A match was too easy for West Ham in the framework of 1/32 FA Cup, when the immediate opponent of "Weight Hammer" was just a tiny Stockport from the English Division 2. Obviously, in front of a much inferior prey, it is not difficult for West Ham to grab the ticket to continue.

Stockport - Cup FA

The Stockport host is just a representative playing in the National League, a tournament equivalent to 4th England. Saying so to see the strength of Stockport can not match the teams playing in the Premier League. Currently Stockport is doing quite well in its tournament. Accordingly, after 14 rounds, they won 7, drew 3 and lost 4. The result gave this team 24 points and 4th place in the rankings. With the current results, the chance for Stockport to grab the promotion ticket is extremely wide. However, Stockport's performance at this stage is not very stable. Accordingly, the home team of Edgeley Park won 1 draw 2 and lost 2 in the last 5 rounds. To participate in the FA Cup 1/32 round, Stockport overcame Chesterfield, Rochdale and Yeovil. At home, Stockport is unbeaten in all 5 last appearances in all competitions, in which they draw 2 and win 3.

West Ham - FA Cup

Putting on the table to compare with his opponent, there is no reason for West Ham to lose tickets to continue after the upcoming trip. Even if the "sledgehammer" will use most of the young factors and the players who don't play much, they are still much stronger than Stockport. Not to mention West Ham's performance is quite stable recently. In the last 10 appearances, West Ham lost only 2 and won 5 matches. On the Premier League chart at the moment, West Ham is ranked 10th with 26 points. They are only 3 points behind the Champions League group and hope to break through is extremely open with teachers and coaches David Moyes. On away field "Weight Hammer" is also fine when it only loses 1, draws 1 and wins 3 after 5 recent appearances. The upcoming march is also the first time West Ham has encountered Stockport. However, with the superior level of the opponent, the ticket to continue is hard to escape from the reach of "Weight Hammer".