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FA Cup: Wolves vs Crystal Palace

Wolves vs Crystal Palace 

Both teams are in a slump, so a secondary playground like the FA Cup will be the lifesaver for them to regain their confidence. Let's wait and see, Wolves make good use of the Molineux Stadium fulcrum to win tickets to continue. Or Crystal Palace is the name that focuses more on a title in this playground.

Wolves Team - FA Cup

Enter this season with great confidence and aim to compete for a ticket to the European Cup. However, after the departure of Diogo Jota, plus a long-term injury of Raúl Jiménez made "The Wolves" difficult. At this time, Wolves are only 13th in the Premier League, in which they get 22 points after 17 rounds. Being 7 points behind the European Cup group and the performance continues to decline, it is very difficult for Wolves to break through in the second leg. Especially when the competition for the throne and the group to attend the Champions League this season has the appearance of too many names. In terms of form, "Wolves" only got 2 draws and 2 losses in the last 4 appearances. It is calculated that the teacher and coach Nuno Santo have lost 4/7 recent matches and also lost the last 4/10 matches at home. However, their rival Crystal Palace is also playing extremely erratically, obviously the chance for Wolves to win tickets to continue is quite bright. The problem is whether the "pack of wolves" is really salty with this playground, when they are having trouble in the Premier League.

Crystal Palace - Cup FA

In the first rounds of the FA Cup, the scenario was really unpredictable because many teams did not put too much title on this playground. Therefore, many clubs with other larger goals are willing to leave this arena to avoid unnecessary loss of force. In the case of Crystal Palace, it is likely that Coach Roy Hodgson's teachers and students will strive to go deep. That is reasonable, because although it is not in good form, it is difficult for Crystal Palace to be pushed down to the relegation group. In the last 5 rounds, Crystal Palace won 1, drew 2 and lost 2. Besides, the ability to compete for a ticket to the European Cup through the Premier League playground is too far away. At present, Crystal Palace is in 14th place with 22 points. Plus, the fact that many strong clubs at this stage will not focus too much on the FA Cup will be a great opportunity for Crystal Palace. At the last 10 confrontations, Each side has their own 4 wins. Therefore, despite being Wolves' guest, Crystal Palace is still enough to create a surprise.