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FA Cup: Wycombe vs Tottenham


Wycombe vs Tottenham 

Meeting weak opponent Wycombe has just heard of it as a gift to Tottenham, but history shows that this is an uncomfortable opponent for both Tottenham and coach Jose Mourinho. However, with a good squad and vigilance, Spurs will still win.

Wycombe's more than 100 years of existence have only been able to meet Tottenham ... once, also within the fourth round of the FA Cup. And it was an unhappy memory for Spurs. Tottenham were not too weak that day, but they were unexpectedly led by lower-ranked Wycombe until the 89th minute.

However, luckily for Tottenham, Dele Alli equalized 3-3 in the correct final minute, and then at the last minute (90 + 7), Son Heung-min scored the victory. Choking 4-3 for Spurs. Four years have passed since that match, but Wycombe head coach Gareth Ainsworth still remembers feeling dumbfounded when he saw the 90 + 7 defeat.

“We have almost done a miracle. Before the game, I did not have much expectation, but as I watched the players play, my hopes continued to grow. Unfortunately, when the innocence disappeared, we started to stress and it was the Spurs opportunity, "Gareth Ainsworth said after losing to Tottenham in 2017. 

Howling victory 2017 is Tottenham's memory of Wycombe. As for Jose Mourinho, he also led troops to Adams Park and left with disappointment. That celebration came in 2007, when Mourinho's Chelsea was a guest of Wycombe in the first leg of the League Cup semi-final first leg. It was the match that Didier Drogba and Andrei Shevchenko were both absent due to injury, Frank Lampard was on the bench, leading to Chelsea playing very deadlock. The Blues almost lost the match that day if Wycombe's Stefan Oakes did not hit the crossbar.

The unhappy memories of Wycombe will certainly affect the psychology of Tottenham today. In addition, the home team also has a small advantage over Spurs from the fact that they have only played 1 match in the last 20 days, and with Tottenham, it is 4 games. The reason Wycombe played so little was due to the raging epidemic. As a result, Coach Gareth Ainsworth will have in hand the strongest team for this match, and Tottenham must skillfully rotate to not lose any important players for the great battle with Liverpool on January 29. . 

However, of course, Tottenham is still appreciated and history has shown that Spurs are rarely eliminated in the FA Cup by lower-ranked opponents. In the last 21 times with lower-ranked clubs in the FA Cup, Tottenham have won 20 games (the only loss was before Leeds in the 2012/13 season). Meanwhile, Wycombe has lost 7 of the last 8 matches against the Premier League representatives in the FA Cup. 

The most important thing is that Tottenham's performance lately has been very good. They are unbeaten for 7 consecutive games (winning 4/5 recent matches), while Wycombe is ranked bottom in the Championship.