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Bologna vs AC Milan
Sampdoria vs Juventus
Inter Milan vs Benevento

AC Milan is visibly slowing down and the journey to conquer the title of Serie A is facing many difficulties with teachers and coach Stefano Pioli. In the next 20th round, with only having to encounter a familiar prey called Bologna, it is indeed not difficult for AC Milan to find 3 points.

Having to be a guest of the defending champions Juventus in the previous round, Bologna could not make a surprise when holding 0-2 defeat. Thus, immediately after having achieved victory by defeating Verona earlier, Bologna immediately returned to the ground. This is the stage where the Renato Dall'Ara team is performing a very faint performance. Accordingly, the last 10 rounds of Bologna only won 1 draw 5 and received 4 defeats. Considering the beginning of the season, this team has had 5 wins, 5 draws and 9 defeats. With a relatively poor performance, Bologna has 20 points and temporarily stands at 13th in the standings. With 6 points more than the group holding the red light, Bologna has not suffered too much pressure in the relegation battle. However, teachers and coaches Sinisa Mihajlovic still have to work harder to improve their rankings. Next round,

Although playing not bad, Ibrahimovic's red card made AC Milan lose the game to Inter Milan and let the opponent go upstream. 1-2 defeat in the quarterfinals of the Italian National Cup caused a lot of regret for the fans. However, it is also a benefit for teachers and coach Stefano Pioli, when in the next phase they will focus all their efforts on the Serie A playground. It is important to know that AC Milan has slowed down quite clearly and is at risk. was removed from the top of the chart. In the previous round, AC Milan lost to Atalanta 0-3 at home. It was also the second loss since the beginning of the season, when they also lost to Juventus. Since the beginning of the season until now, the visitors have had 13 wins, 4 draws, and 2 defeats. With these impressive results, AC Milan has 43 points and is at the top of the chart. However, coach Stefano Pioli and his students are only 2 points higher than Inter Milan.