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La Liga: Osasuna vs Real Madrid

Osasuna vs Real Madrid

Gradually improving their achievements with 3 consecutive recent matches with points, the difficulty starts to come to Osasuna when in round 17, La Liga is here to welcome La Liga champions Real Madrid who are determined take the top spot.

Osasuna -  Spain

It can be seen that Osasuna, despite not having a very stable ranking in La Liga this year, but their play style still shows some discomfort, specifically, they recently brought 1 point at home to Real Sociedad at Round 15, La Liga is an optimistic result that helps them temporarily shorten the gap with the safe group only 2 points can level.

Since the end of December last year until now, Osasuna has gone through 4 matches and in general, their performance is not so excellent, but opening up many opportunities for them to continuously bring in but the scores are too important. Only the fragile difference with the group above helps the spirit of the coach Jagoba Arrasate's team to be extremely excited, but this round is probably not the right time for them to score with the 5-match defeat. El Sadar pitch and above all must welcome extremely heavy opponents, "White Vulture".

Real Madrid -  Spain  

On the other side of the field, sharing points with Elche in round 16, La Liga thought that Real Madrid's spirit of the game would be somewhat reduced, but they recently regained their form with a 2-0 victory over Celta Vigo. for them are still in 2nd place with 36 points 4 points away from the team behind and 2 points with the top position.

What worries Real Madrid is that they are playing more than Atletico Madrid, which holds the top spot in the two rounds, so they must win the remaining matches as much as possible if they want to continue. take back a familiar position. Despite the defeat at the nearest Elche home field, the away record of "White Vulture" is still stable with 3 unbeaten matches including 2 wins and 1 draw. Going to this match with the highest determination to win and above all brings an impressive record against the Osasuna in more than 7 years, making the Royal Spanish team hope. to a jubilant victory.