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Serie A: Juventus vs Sassuolo

Juventus vs Sassuolo

Juventus vs Sassuolo

The last 16th round witnessed the sublimation of Ronaldo and his teammates when facing the top team in the current Serie A rankings, AC Milan, even though the team had poor performance. than when compared to the opponent, but the 1-3 victory on the mecca of AC Milan partly showed the bravery of the defending champions of the tournament. This is also the second consecutive victory that Juventus has in recent times, so fans can fully expect a stable Juventus performance before the next round. Currently, Juventus is ranked 4th on the rankings with 30 points after 15 matches,

In general, from the beginning of the season until now, Juventus has been quite stable, the team only had to receive 1 defeat but brought back many draws, making the club a bit more than 3 The team is in the top tier. However, this achievement is also relatively good, so it is likely that in the next matches Juventus will rise to compete with the top. Considering in the last 5 matches, Juventus still maintains a fairly stable form when only losing 1 match, owning 1 draw and winning all 3 remaining matches. The only team that caused Juventus to end the unbeaten series from the beginning of the season was Fiorentina, this was a pretty bad match for coach Andrea Pirlo's teachers when he conceded 3 goals, but the top stars in Italy here also could not launch any counterattacks thereby receiving defeat with the final score 0-3.

On the other side of the front line, Sassuolo is a team that has quite a lot of experience in the Italian league, but the achievement that the club has is only in the average group, considering the past performance, Sassuolo is completely. not comparable to the defending champions of the tournament. However, this season Sassuolo is showing good performance when he is ranked 5th on the rankings with 29 points after the first 16 rounds, only 1 point behind his opponent Juventus, but have played more than 1 match. In general, the result that Sassuolo has is not inferior to Juventus, but in the next match Sassuolo acts as the away team and Juventus is extremely sublimated after a convincing victory over AC Milan, so the chance to win The score against Sassuolo's coach and coach Andrea Pirlo seemed to be very difficult.

In addition, Sassuolo's recent performance is not really good when the team only got 2 wins, 1 draw and also received 2 losses out of the last 5 appearances. throughout the arenas. The two failures that coach Roberto De Zerbi and his teacher had to receive in the above series are also due to the very strong names AC Milan and Atalanta, as is known, AC Milan is topping the Serie A rankings this year. With a completely outstanding score, Atalanta is also a team with a not bad performance when standing in the top 7 and is one of the clubs possessing excellent goalscoring ability, so Sassuolo's defeat with billion 5-1 is not too surprising. In his last appearance,

Although the pair does not have a significant difference in performance on the rankings , the rate of peelingThe handicap of the upcoming match is quite high up to 1.5, but with home advantage, Juventus is still a not bad choice for investors. In the past, the two sides also had many encounters and in the last 6 clashes, Juventus brought 4 victories and Sassuolo was saddened by not being able to defeat the opponent, even in the series. This Sassuolo had a 7-0 defeat against Juventus.