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SerieA: AC Milan vs Juventus

AC Milan vs Juventus

The No. 1 position on the AC Milan rankings is under great threat when the next round, teachers and coach Stefano Pioli will have to welcome the champions of Juventus at their home field.

AC Milan - Italian League

Since the unfortunate draw against Genoa, AC Milan is gradually regaining its image in this Serie A with the last 3 wins. It is praiseworthy for coach Stefano Pioli and his teachers is the lack of people against Benevento, but the Milan team also left with a 2-0 victory over the opponent.

In fact, in the past, Stefano Pioli and his students have encountered a difficult schedule when confronting Sassuolo and Lazio respectively. However, the Rossoneri have confirmed their position and ability this season with their important victories to maintain the top position this season. The unbeaten record from the beginning of the season through 15 rounds with 11 wins and 4 draws is showing the great stability of AC Milan this season. The next match, the army led by coach Stefano Pioli welcomed Juventus at home with their difficulties and challenges. However, with the performance from the beginning of the season until now, while still maintaining an unbeaten record, AC Milan fans can completely think of a good result for themselves.

 Juventus - Italian League 

After a weak 0-3 defeat to Fiorentina, Juventus recently regained joy when beating Udinese at home quite easily. However, this victory is also enough to help the Serie A champions maintain the 5th place on the rankings this season with 27 points being gained after 14 rounds of their matches.

It can be seen that Juventus under coach Andrea Pirlo has only lost 1 round in Serie A this season, but they no longer have the absolute strength and dominate the tournament as in previous seasons. Since the beginning of the season until now, the defending champions have only won 7 and up to 6 times they have been sadly held by their opponents. Up to this point, Andrea Pirlo and his students were far behind AC Milan by 10 points in the rankings and even though they played less than a round, they could see the ability to compete for championships the enemy is slowly disappearing. Marching at AC Milan, the opponents who are leading this season with Juventus are also very worried because although they are unbeaten away from the beginning of the season, they only won 3 and had 4 draws. So this is a really difficult trip with coach Andrea Pirlo and his students.