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SerieATIM: Cagliari vs AC Milan

Cagliari vs AC Milan

Bad performance in this year's fake season Cagliari will be very difficult to stop AC Milan is still determined a lot in defending the top of its rankings today.


The defeat against Atalanta in the Italian National Cup continued to prolong the bad performance of Cagliari to 10 consecutive matches without knowing the smell of victory when drawing 4 and losing 6 matches. In particular, in the Serie A playground last time Cagliari had 9 unsuccessful rounds, which is a concern for their current performance.

The sad results of Cagliari last time have caused them to fall to 17th place of the rankings this season with 14 points gained after their 17 rounds. The gap between Cagliari and the relegated position in Serie A is just 1 point more, making them face their difficult relegation battle. In the next 18th round, Cagliari's opponent will be AC ​​Milan, leading the current rankings. This is a big challenge for Cagliari because if you continue to show the same form as in the past, a failure for them seems inevitable.

AC Milan 

On the side of AC Milan, victory over Torino last round helped them continue to fly high on the Serie A rankings this season with 40 points currently. The gap that the Milan city team created with Inter Milan's second place has also been extended to 3 points in the rankings this season.

AC Milan's form this season can be seen as their huge resurgence at Italy's No. 1 playground this season as they are still very determined to their goals of the season as the championship race. The number of 12 wins from the beginning of the season has partly demonstrated the stability of the current Milan team for his race. The next round AC Milan only has to be a guest against Cagliari, who has worrying declines with close. Not only their performance is much more impressive, but even their historical achievements are supporting them with 7 wins in 10 matches. So this is a golden opportunity for AC Milan to continue to fly high on the rankings this season.