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SerieATIM: Juventus vs Bologna

 Juventus vs Bologna

Juventus players rarely have to play at noon like the match against Bologna (12:30 local time).  "Old lady" will have to suppress hunger by 3 points against the opponent they are used to bullying.

Juventus have won all 9 recent matches with Bologna.  In the history of confrontation, the Turin team won 75, drew 48 and lost only 23 after 146 encounters with neighboring northern Italy.  Need to know, Juventus is the team that won the most Bologna in the number one league of pasta.

In this reunion, Juve increasingly aspires to defeat Bologna to raise hopes of defending the championship.  Andrea Pirlo's team has only 33 points, 10 points less than the leading team Milan (Juve kicked less than 1 game).  There is still half a season for Juventus to speed up to catch up.  With the condition, they have to minimize unfortunate footsteps.  Since the beginning of the season, Juve has been held by Crotone, Verona, and Benevento.  Losing points against weak opponents is not repeated.

The 2-0 victory in the Italian Super Cup was a great encouragement for the teachers and students of Pirlo.  However, the 42-year-old coach has a lot to do.  The midfield is still playing quite sporadically while the defense system has not brought peace of mind.  After 17 matches in Serie A, Juventus has just kept three clean sheets.  This is the second worst achievement in the life of Juventus coaches.  Pirlo is only better than Alberto Zaccheroni, who has only 2 clean sheets after the first 17 matches holding Juve.

The first train to pull Juve forward is still only Ronaldo.  The Portuguese player just contributed 1 goal in a 2-0 win over Napoli in the Italian Super Cup.  In Serie A alone, Ronaldo is leading the list of top scorer with 15 goals, accounting for 42% of Juventus goals.  Standing next to Ronaldo in attack is Alvaro Morata, who also opened fire in the Italian Super Cup.  But the Spaniard has never scored twice in a row since returning to Juventus.

Juventus's opponent has just ended the 6-match streak without winning with a minimum victory over Verona.  But the harsh schedule can bring Sinisa Mihajlovic back in a quagmire.  In the two rounds to Bologna, they met Juventus and Milan respectively, completely superior opponents.  Bologna's biggest weakness is the loose defense with 31 goals, the fourth worst performance in the history of the Emilia-Romagna team after 1949/50 (36 rounds / 18 matches), 1955/56 and 2013 seasons.  14 (33 goals).

Juventus only has 33 points after 17 rounds.  In the last 9 Serie A championships, Juventus has 8 times more points than at the same time.  Only season 2015/16 they also only have 33 points / 17 rounds.  Recalling that the hope of the championship is still there, but it is only a glimmer for teachers and students Andrea Pirlo.  One more slip of the foot will cause the door to slam shut.  Need more motivation, determination and aspirations from the Serie A champions.