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SPFL: Livingston vs Celtic

Livingston vs Celtic

Livingston vs Celtic FC will meet in the 22nd round of the Scottish National Championship. Although the results of the champions were gradually arranged, the Rangers were 21 points ahead of the underdogs. However, Celtic FC are constantly trying to chase and maintain their top 2, whether this trip they do well to bring 3 points when the opponents are very close.

Livingston is showing their return when the last 5 games they brought 15 points and are currently ranked 5th in the standings with 30 points gained after 21 rounds. Not too high, but this is also considered a commendable achievement of the visitors. However, there are still many problems that they need to overcome, especially in the defense stage when they are the team with the highest number of conceding times in the tournament. This march is expected to be quite difficult for them as the opponent is very strong in this tournament.

On the other trip, Celtic FC currently has 44 points and is ranked 2nd, although it is less than 2 matches compared to the other opponents. However, in recent times, Celtic FC seems to be down to its form and let the top 1 team gradually distance themselves from the distance. Celtic FC won only 4 draws 3 and lost 3 of the last 10 matches, with a disappointing performance. Being 21 points behind by Rangers in the domestic league shows that Celtic is losing its position. The upcoming match promises to be full of difficulties when facing an opponent who is playing extremely well.

The visitors are showing a certain distance to their opponents, quality public goods along with open play are bringing a lot of emotions to the viewers. Defensive defenders with a lack of stability will be a great opportunity for Celtic FC to have an overwhelming victory.

In the last 10 encounters, Celtic FC lost just 1 match to the opponent and spent 7 wins and 2 draws. This is still a relative difference, although Livingston has had a very positive improvement over the past time, but it is still not enough to level the level and experience of the home team.