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Supercopa: Real Sociedad vs Barcelona

Real Sociedad vs Barcelona

The performance of Real Sociedad has been plummeting for a long time. In contrast, Barcelona is playing extremely sublimated after the first phase of the struggling season. In addition to the charm when meeting Real Sociedad in the past, the ticket to the Spanish Super Cup final is difficult to escape the reach of the Catalan giants.

Real Sociedad

Although there were 2 goals against Sevilla, Real Sociedad still could not compete with the final defeat with a score of 2-3. In the match, coach Imanol Alguacil's teachers and teachers played extremely hard, but did not have the bravery to have points to leave. That result also marked a period of poor competition for Real Sociedad. Specifically, before this match started, Real Sociedad only won exactly 1/10 of the last appearances. Extremely poor luggage for coach Imanol Alguacil and his students to welcome strong rival Barcelona. On the La Liga chart at this time, Real Sociedad is in 5th place with 30 points after 19 rounds. Thus, this team was officially kicked out of the top 4 after being crucified since the beginning of the season. This match, playing in neutral ground will make things even more difficult for Real Sociedad. Be aware that. 


If Real Sociedad kicked off the extremely sublime season, Barcelona showed an extremely poor face. However, unlike the opponent, teacher and teacher Ronald Koeman showed the right level of a big man to get up at the right time. In the previous round, they defeated Granada CF 4 goals and did not remove them from away. In the match that Griezmann and Messi share two goals each. It was also Barcelona's third consecutive victory in La Liga. It is calculated that Barcelona is unbeaten in the last 8 rounds, in which they draw 2 and win to 6. The sublimation series has pulled the Catalan giants to third place on the standings with 34 points after 18 rounds. They are currently 3 points behind Real Madrid and Atl Madrid's top 4 points but have played more than 3 matches. Thus, Barcelona will have to play extremely hard to hope to return to the throne of Spanish football. In terms of confrontation history, Barcelona completely overwhelmed when they won 9 and drew only 1 in the last 10 meetings with Real Sociedad. With these developments, indeed the ticket to the Spanish Super Cup final is difficult to escape from Barcelona's reach.