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Supercoppa: Juventus vs Napoli

Juventus vs Napoli

Mrs. Dam Gia of Turin has been disappointed many times this season, especially the fact that they are gradually falling behind in the Serie A chart. Therefore, Napoli has the right to be confident in this confrontation when They have been in good shape recently.

Juventus  - Italian Super Cup

Juventus just lost 0-2 against rivals Inter Milan in the last round in the Serie A arena, with this defeat at the same time AC Milan won 2-0 against Cagliari that made the team into Turin is far away from this opponent by up to 10 points and is playing only less than 1 game.

The disappointment for the Allianz football team is also reflected in the fact that they had many difficulties before a not-so-appreciated opponent, Genoa in a match in the National Cup arena when they were challenged. This draw 2-2 after 90 minutes and only struggled 3-2 after extra time. Obviously with those blurred performances, coach Pirlo's teachers and coaches have reason to worry about this confrontation against a high-performing opponent.

Napoli  - Italian Super Cup

On the opposite side, Napoli has had bad times, recently they are showing an effective game, as evidenced by the last 3 matches they have won, which just destroyed Fiorentina. With a score of 6-0, remember that this is a team that had never before held Inter Milan after 90 minutes in a match in the national cup and only lost 2-3 in extra time.

One of the recent strengths of the San Paolo team is that they have a pretty good away record when the last 11 matches in all competitions they have won 8, drew 1 and lost only 2. Currently, their performance in the Serie A front is not bad when they are temporarily ranked 3rd, 6 points behind Inter Milan's second team but playing less than 1 game. With his progress, especially on the attacking front, Napoli has the right to trust them to have an effective match in this confrontation.